Sgt. Ellis Cooper is charged with killing three women.  To make matters worse, he is found with the murder weapon.  Sgt. Cooper swears that he is innocent.  He asks a good friend, John Sampson for help.  John engaged the help of his friend, Alex Cross to help Sgt. Cooper.  The two of them travel to the army base to see if they can find some evidence to prove Sgt. Cooper is innocent.  The two soon realize that they are not welcome by the military.  After doing some investigating, they are convinced that Sgt. Cooper is innocent but the main problem is not one person will listen to them.  The case gets really interesting when the three blind mice enter the picture. Also entering the picture is a person calling himself the Foot Soldier who is a mysterious informant who gives Cross clues but Cross isn't sure he can trust this informant.  Cross and Sampson soon find out that they have to risk their lives to help save Sgt. Cooper.

This is an excellent thriller with a great plot.  The chapters are short which is good because you won't want to put the book down.  You can always convince yourself to stay up to read just one more short chapter.  James Patterson has done an outstanding job with this exciting book and continues to prove that he is a master at writing thrillers of this caliber.

Nancy Eaton

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