Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward, Eddy to his friends, was in line to the throne of England after his father who later becomes King Edward VII. Eddy was an embarrassment to the family, drinking and carousing, going from one scandal to another. He married a Catholic commoner and was discovered in a gay brothel. The public and the Royal Family believed he would never be fit to rule and all gave a sigh of relief when he died in a fire.
Very few people realized that it was all a ruse and Eddy was banished to Glamis Castle, deep in the Scottish Highlands. He lived there for over a decade in a luxurious if isolated suite and was known as Lord Osborne to all of the servants. One night he disappears and his personal servant is found murdered, her throat slit open. Lord Charles Sheridan is ordered by the king to find out who murdered the servant and to discover where Eddy went. He is able to accomplish his mission with the help of his intelligent and nosy wife Kate.

After reading DEATH AT GLAMIS CASTLE, readers will be glad that they are not members of any fictionalized European Royal Family because they come across as utterly ruthless and willing to do whatever needs to be done to preserve their station in life. Robin Paige has written an excellent mystery that involves German spies, a dark conspiracy, and a servant who is loyal and devoted to a once crowned prince. This work is rich in atmosphere and gives the audience a feel for the period after Queen Victoria's death.

Harriet Klausner

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