THE MAN IN MY BASEMENT -     
                     WALTER MOSLEY               

Charles Blakey is a black man living in a black neighborhood.    Lately he has been drinking too much and does not have a job.  It just so happens that when he was working as a teller at the bank, he thought it was fine to "borrow" twenty dollars or so when he needed it and pay it back when he got his check.  However, when it came time to pay it back he decided he needed to "borrow" a little more.   When Charles saw that no one noticed his "borrowing", he started to wonder why he should even pay it back at all.  The bank let him go but did not prosecute him.  In fact, Charles wasn't sure as to why he lost his job.  He found out when he had lunch with an old friend who also worked at the bank.

Charles heard a knock on his door.  Much to his surprise, it was a white man named Anniston Bennett.  Anniston made Charles an offer he could not believe.  Anniston offered Charles a large sum of money to rent out his basement for a couple of months.   The basement wasn't even an apartment - it was just an old cellar.  At first Charles refused.  As time went on, Charles accepted the offer of a little less than $50,000 for Anniston to move into his basement. 

What happens when Anniston moves into the basement?  Why does Anniston want to rent this basement anyway?  There must be some mysterious reason!  How does this affect Charles Blakey's life?

When you start to read the first page of this Walter Mosley book your first response is "This is going to be a great book".  After the first page, it only gets better - you are addicted.  Walter does an excellent job of building his characters from the very beginning.
Walter's writing style is one of the best.  You are absorbed into the story from page one
and find it hard to put this book down.  There is also plenty of suspense. 

Walter Mosley is the author of the Easy Rawlings mystery series.  This book is a departure from this type of series but really shows the writing talent of Walter Mosley.  Every mystery fan should read this book!



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