Jack Mitchell wrote this book to give details on how to deal with customers.  He runs Mitchells/Richards, a clothing business that does over $65 million in sales.  Jack begins by giving their motto - "Once a customer, always a friend."  He states that customers liked to be smiled at and appreciate thank you notes.  Jack includes 56 chapters with topics on how to deal with customers. 

One chapter is titled "Know the Dog's Name Too".  Jack explains that his business maintains a database on over 115,000 customers.  It includes items purchased, sizes, brand preferences and any personal information the customer is willing to share such as nicknames, birthdays, etc.  This way you can ask a customer "How is Jack and Sandy?" or if they state they are in a hurry because they have to pick their dog up from the groomer you can say "How is Rover doing?".  This would really impress the customer.

Another chapter is titled "Piling On the Hugs".  A customer calls and states they have to leave for a trip tomorrow and needed some new clothes by this afternoon.  The salesperson indicated that she had just what he needed.  This was hug #1.  She went to the computer and pulled the information she needed such as sizes, preferences, etc.  When the customer arrived, she had everything ready and just needed his approval. She gave him a cup of coffee while the tailor fitted him.  This was hug #2.  The clothes would be altered within a few hours.  This was hug #3.  The sales woman gave him a big smile and a handshake and wished him well on his trip.  This was hug #4.  Later that day, the suits were delivered to his home, free of charge.  This was hug #5.  Much to the man's surprise, there was one more hug.  As he was doing a seminar and felt something in the pocket of his new suit, it was a birthday card for him - hug #6.  This is one place of business he will be sure to remember after all this attention.

If you deal with customers on a daily basis, this is a must read book.  It is easy to understand and has some great tips for you.  Jack Mitchell writes this book from the experience of providing excellent customer satisfaction.  One thing we know is that for any business to be successful, we have to please our customers.  This book will most certainly help you do that! 



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