Willy Kunkle, a deputy cop, receives a call from a New York policeman, indicating that his ex-wife is dead.  Willy is asked to come to New York to identify the body.  The police believe the death is from an accidental drug overdose.  Willy identifies the body and then sets out to prove that the death was not from an overdose but an apparent homicide.  After some investigating, he finds out that his ex-wife was involved in several illegal activities, including blackmail.   Willy began his search by going to his ex-wife's apartment.  As he looked around, he saw some pictures and they stirred up memories of his rocky relationship with his ex.  Another thing that didn't help during his marriage is the fact that he is an alcoholic.  His investigation places him in severe danger.  Does Willy solve the crime?

This book is a quick and enjoyable read.  It is a great one to take on vacation or one to read when you want to relax during the weekend or on a rainy day.  Readers will enjoy the character, Willy Kunkle.  The writer does an excellent job of using details to describe him.  You will soon envision a picture of Willy in your mind.  You will look forward to reading more Will Kunkle mysteries after this one. 

Nancy Eaton

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