Justin Gustainis' first novel, The Hades Project, is an explosive horror/thriller. There is no questioning that Gustainis is an amazingly talented storyteller. The author knows how to create three-dimensional characters, intensely plotted scenes, and then maintains a constant, gut-wrenching pace throughout.

Michael Pacilio was a military SEAL, trained to handle the toughest missions in Viet Nam. Years after the war ended, Pacilio's career is working as a federal agent in charge of investigations for the government. But when he is called to Fairfax, Virginia to look into the brutal massacre of ten scientists, everything in Pacilio's life is so badly knocked out of whack, that nothing from the war or his specialized training could ever have prepared him for all the horrors awaiting him. Though the evidence suggests that the one scientist who had not been murdered and appears to be on the run could be responsible for the murders, it is the easy-to-follow trail of bodies who suffered similar, tortured fates as the unfortunate souls in Fairfax that keeps Pacilio on the right path.

When Pacilio learns that the scientists were working on a special, secret project he decides to visit with an old friend for help. Father Eugene Grady was Pacilio's college professor, and he may know a thing or two about demonic possession. Together he and Pacilio believe a serious and deadly evil has been unleashed on earth. Teaming up with ER Doctor, Muriel Rojas, the three think they understand what is about to happen. And it is possible that if they fail in their mission, the entire world will be sucked into the horrible living nightmares of Armageddon.

Dark and disturbing,
The Hades Project demands the attention of the reader. You can set the book down, but it will be near impossible to walk away from. There are not many novels that I would call frightening. However, this is one of them. It will keep you up nights, afraid to shut out the lights and fall asleep. It is that grippingly real. If you like Stephen King, or Dean Koontz, you'll love Justin Gustainis--and may end up preferring him. This debut novel will captivate readers and leave them anxious for a second novel.



Phillip Tomasso III is the award-winning author of Adverse Impact, Johnny Blade, Third Ring, Tenth House and Mind Play. He works full time as an employment law paralegal, freelances for a community newspaper and writes regular book reviews for Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine, The Best Reviews and Curled Up With A Good Book. Tomasso also writes middle grade novels under the pen name, Grant R. Philips. King Gauthier and the Little Dragon Slayer will be released by Port Town Publishing, September 2003; Sounds of Silence in the Fall of 2004 by Star Bright Books. Living in Rochester, New York with his wife and three children. Tomasso is currently at work on his next mystery and middle grade novels.

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