Richard Carlson discusses life's "big issues" such as dealing with the death of a loved one, divorce, age anxiety, illness, failure and financial problems.  Dr. Carlson states that we need to learn from the big stuff.  Whether it is a happy situation or a tragic situation, the "big stuff" teaches us about life and how precious it is.  Dr. Carlson goes through many subjects with advice on how to learn skills and apply them to many painful situations that take place in our lives.  When something major happens in your life and you constantly worry about it, just think of asking yourself the one question that Dr. Carlson suggested - "Will this really matter a year from now?".  Another great bit of advice he has is to prepare and let go.  Know that you have done the best you can to prepare for something and then let go.  You cannot continue to constantly worry about it.

This is a must read book.  It makes so much sense.  This book is easy to read and understand and consists of several short chapters.  This book will make you really think about some things you may or may not have done in the past.  For instance, when Dr. Carlson talks about failure he states that being frightened about failure can mean the difference between getting started and not getting started.  Doesn't this make you think about how many things you did not do in your life because you were afraid of failure?   After reading this book, you will feel much better!  It will help you put "life's big issues" into perspective.

Nancy Eaton

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