Sinclair Browning joins other women for a horseback ride and camping trip each year.  One night, Sinclair and her friend, Linda Gray, began talking.  Linda told Sinclair about her mother's afterlife gifts.  She said after her mother's death a butterfly perched on her shoulder and she knew it was from her mother.  After that, there were many shoulder perchers including hummingbirds.  Sinclair also had experienced afterlife gifts from her mother.  She began to wonder - if the two of them had these experiences, there must be several others out there who have received signs from their mothers.  This is how "Feathers Brush My Heart" grew into a book.  The book is a collection of over 70 stories of women who have been contacted or received a sign from their departed mother. 

Sinclair's mother died from cancer.  After her mother's death, she was so devastated she thought her heart would break.  One morning, she went out to feed the horses and found the swimming pool covered with white feathers.  After that, white feathers appeared from time to time.  Sinclair could not figure out why white feathers were appearing.  She then realized something.  Her mother was an actress and as part of her training, she would lie on the floor and blow a white feather up in the air and say "I love you" before the feather fell down.  Sinclair was now sure that some of these white feathers were sent by her mother as a way to tell Sinclair that she was fine and loved her.  Sinclair's husband laughed when she told him this but he soon found white feathers in his workbench, car, on his coat and in his desk drawer.

This is a heart-warming book to read.  The stories are all very different but they have the same message - a mother's love lives on forever.  We all wonder if there is a way to make contact from the other side and this book helps to reassure us that the answer is yes.  If so many people experienced these signs there has to be something to it. 

On a personal note, my mother just recently passed away.  When I heard about the book called "Feathers Brush My Heart", my first thought was I have to read this book.  I'm sure glad I did.  These stories have really helped me with my grieving process.  It is so nice to know that contact, from someone who has passed on, is possible and all these stories confirm that fact.  All readers will be touched by these true stories and if your mother has passed away, this is a must read book.  Some of these stories will make you laugh; others will bring tears to your eyes.  My personal thanks to Sinclair Browning for gathering this collection for all of us to enjoy.



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