Newsletter for December 2016


Featured Book - 5 Days to Landfall by Robert Roy Britt

The year is 1999. History has been largely forgotten. Residents dismiss the risks, and officials have no evacuation plan. Yet the storm long feared by scientists is barreling toward the city. Meanwhile, a mysterious plot is afoot to sabotage the forecast and any last-ditch efforts to evacuate.


Featured Book - The Millennial Reincarnations (The Millennial Triology) (Volume 1) by Daniel Mark Harrison


When over the course of a decade a group of high society New York and Shanghai millennials are forced to question whether their shared experiences mean they are here on earth for a higher purpose, the answer becomes resoundingly affirmative.

Like the great voices that challenges the status quo in order to capture the subconscious zeitgeist of the era, in The Millennial Reincarnations Harrison paints a portrait of the areas of the human mind that are forbidden to novelists of the day. In doing so, he captures a deeply sensual and alarming innocence of mind, showing us most of all what it means to be Millennial, which he describes as "an entire generation at once emotionally detached and dependently wealthy."

Harrison explores in explicit fashion where our first ideas and personal fantasies have taken shape in this new virtual era, demonstrating in a uniquely lyrical context explicitly how these experiences have come to define our principles of love and hate, pleasure and pain, and loyalty and betrayal.



Featured Book - Telonaut (Teloverse Series) (Volume 1) by Matt Tyson

telonaut.jpgHumanity has recovered from the economic apocalypse to rebuild a better society, but one still with deep-rooted dissension and selfishness.

Sero Novak is biologically teleported to the wetworld of NineDee on a critical mission to discover the mysterious fate of the colonists there. With a duplicate body printed for him by a Postbox and his mind uploaded into his newly made brain, Novak is mentally connected with the rest of the Race—humanity—by a NeuroVision memory technology. Novak explores NineDee and gets to know the people who live there, encountering the dangers of the indigenous life forms and the environment—and uncovers weirder and weirder secrets about the colonists themselves, culminating in a terrible revelation that forces him to take desperate action.

Bereaved, tormented by grief and driven by the fading shadow of the ideals he once held, he knows that a powerful and expectant government is tracking him from Earth via the global broadcast of his own memories. During his mission, Novak befriends a young colonist in whom he sees similar torment and confusion. Will Novak be able to help and protect the young girl and save her from making the same mistakes he has?

Will humanity carry their petty desires and desperate wishes across the galaxy? And will Novak be able to act in the best interests of all of humanity in the face of his own slipping ideals as well as the destructive passions of the people sent to build their outposts among the distant stars? Alone, he confronts the wilderness of loss and the physical danger of the wilds the only way he knows how; sheer will.

Blending dystopian science fiction, philosophy and ethics, this future history sci fi thriller is set in a universe in which humanity recovers from the final global financial crisis, rebounding to form extraterrestrial civilizations.

Advances in genetics, brain mapping and nanotechnology result in biological teleportation and enable interstellar space exploration, raising ethical questions as the drive for space colonization moves technology from 3D printed organs to 3D printed humans.

On Earth, virtual reality technology allows the masses to relive the Telonaut space travel programme via NeuroVision, observing memories directly to judge whether or not colonists represent humanity at its best. Sci fi books this complex, morally challenging and emotionally driven are rare. This universe is vast, but the characters are grounded in the same struggles as the rest of us: family, values and validation.



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Book Giveaways for December

the7thplague.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of The 7th Plague by James Rollins. Click on book cover for more information and to enter.





howwilliknowyou.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of How Will I Know You? by Jessica Treadway. Click on book cover for more information and to enter.

Book Giveaway Winners for November

Winner of Without Chaos

Bob Quackenbush - FL

Winner of No Man's Land

Susan Mahaffey - CA

Winners of Good Morning San Diego Garcia

David Basile - NY

Two more winners have been notified.  We are waiting for confirmation.

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5 Days to Landfall by Robert Roy Britt
Deadline by John Sandford
Downfall by J.A. Jance
Hide Away by Iris Johansen
Home by Harlan Coben
Telonaut (Teloverse Series) (Volume 1) by Matt Tyson
The Emerald Key by Mark Frederickson and Melora Pineda
The Millennial Reincarnations (The Millennial Triology) (Volume 1) by Daniel Mark Harrison
The Road to Little Dribbling by Bill Bryson
Tool & Die by Sarah Graves
Three Sisters, Three Queens by Philippa Gregory

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