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Book Giveaways for December

old.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of Old Border Road by Susan Froderberg.  Click on book cover for more information and to enter.

bosch.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of The Harry Bosch Novels:  Volume 3 by Michael Connelly.  Click on book cover for more information and to enter.

Book Giveaway Winners for November

Winner of Rescue:

Winner has been notified.

Winner of Hollywood Hills

Winner has been notified.

Winners of Buffalo Unbound

Mark Carroll - Myrtle Beach, SC
Cheryl Kelley - Gilberts, IL

Winners of Why?  Because We Still Like You

Katharine Adams - Sarasota, FL
Kerrie Mayans - Bothell, WA
James Hale - Westmoreland, NY

Featured Book - Poor Rich by Jean Blasiar

rich.jpg“Poor Rich” is the story of 14 year old Rich Cameron, an asthmatic, extremely allergic, brilliant nerd with a gay father and a homophobic step father who has only remained sane and functional because of therapy with a caring psychiatrist and the companionship of an irreverent parrot named U2. That is, until the day his allergies disappear. “Poor Rich” explores the moment in every adolescent’s life when the preconceptions developed in childhood give way to the messier and harsher realities of adulthood. Told with compassion, biting wit, and containing a playful twist that takes the reader inside the mind of this unique, precocious youth, “Poor Rich” is one from the heart.

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Featured Book - Emmy Budd and the Hijacked Train by Jean Blasiar

train1.jpgEmmy Budd is a twelve-year old tomboy who finds her match in the new boy in town, T. J. Blake. With no money and lots of time on their hands, Emmy and T. J. ferret out every freebie in town, including sneaking aboard the mail train bound for Pittsburgh and ending up in the middle of a hijacking. Operating under cover, the teen detectives risk their lives as they confront a desperate fugitive.

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Featured Book - Emmy Budd Don't Look Now by Jean Blasiar

now1.jpgEmmy Budd cannot resist reading a note she finds in a telephone booth. She and T. J. Blake are unable to understand the note, written in code, but when the drug store blows up during the night, they realize the meaning and the dangers in the note.

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Featured Book - Three Grains of Wheat by Mike Papasavas

grains.gifWhat would you be willing to give up to discover the world beyond your front door?

Three Grains of Wheat chronicles Greek island native Emmanuel Papasavas’ journey of self-exploration. It is a journey of more than a few steps as he strips away the chaff of his former life as a wheat farmer’s son in pursuit of a dream that leads him away from his family and everything he once knew.

Picturesque Agios Isidoros – the small Greek village where plumbing was unheard of and money was a rare commodity – is where author Mike Papasavas began his life (and his memoir) more than sixty-five years ago.

As a boy, Papasavas knew little except the ways of a wheat farmer’s son. Even so, ingrained in him was a desire to discover something beyond his village, beyond his life as young, naïve Emmanuel. This yearning led him into the expansive world beyond where he would discover art, poetry, romance, friendships, and much more – though the quest would cost him his name.

When he was twenty years old, Emmanuel – now known as Mike – barely saved enough money to buy a one-way ticket to Germany for the purpose of getting a visa…and a new life. But his journey to freedom is a rocky one, finding him up against several nearly insurmountable complications. Despite homelessness and poverty – often not knowing where he will sleep at night – Mike learns to tackle each obstacle with humor and hope. For him faith is his ultimate compass.

Mike’s determination paves the road toward adventures and misadventures that will forever change him in this culturally diverse travelogue peppered with entertaining stories, personal reflections, and heart-wrenching memories

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Interview with Mike Papasavas, author of Three Grains of Wheat.

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