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Book Giveaway Winners for October

Winner of The Panther

Adrian Lamont - CA

Winner of Say You're Sorry

Karen Terry - GA

Winner of 52 Reasons to Hate Your Father

Joy Adams - KY

Michael Capp - MI

Diane Baum - MI

Winners of Rendition

Cathy Sanchez - IL
Cindy Gates - PA

Winners of Weapon of Choice

Two winners have been notified - We are waiting for confirmation.

Featured Book - Murder Takes Time: Friendship & Honor Series, Book I, (Volume 1) by Giacomo Giammatteo

murdertakestime.jpgA string of brutal murders has bodies piling up in Brooklyn, and Detective Frankie Donovan knows what is going on. Clues left at the crime scenes point to someone from the old neighborhood, and that isn't good.

Frankie has taken two oaths in his life—the one he took to uphold the law when he became a cop, and the one he took with his two best friends when they were eight years old and inseparable.

Those relationships have forced Frankie to make many tough decisions, but now he faces the toughest one of his life; he has five murders to solve and one of those two friends is responsible. If Frankie lets him go, he breaks the oath he took as a cop and risks losing his job. But if he tries to bring him in, he breaks the oath he kept for twenty-five years—and risks losing his life.

In the neighborhood where Frankie Donovan grew up, you never broke an oath.

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Featured Book - Hitler's Priest by S.J. Tagliareni

hitlerspriest.jpgHitler's Priest offers a rare glimpse into the moral conflicts raised by Nazi Germany and the Catholic Church's role in the Holocaust,Hans Keller the main character is invited to become a Catholic priest by Josef Goebbels with the intent to prevent the Vatican's involvement against the "Final Solution". Hans is highly intelligent and ambitious and perceives that there is a bright future for him in the bourgeoning Nazi party.As his thoughts become more clouded and his morals crumble,he finds himself immersed in a shadowy role of manipulation and deceit: he becomes Hitler's Priest and pawn.

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Featured Book - The Farm by Charles C. Anderson


Lieutenant Commander Andrew Carlson is a U.S. Navy SEAL-emergency physician who is part of a helicopter mission to investigate possible terrorist weapons at a prince’s palace in the Saudi Arabian desert during a sand storm. He is the first one down the rope when the helicopter engines suck in too much sand, causing the chopper to lose power and crash. Andy rolls out from under the fiery hulk of metal but has no significant injuries. His best friend never makes it out of the chopper. This kind of personal loss has dogged Andy throughout his career. Although he’s an experienced warrior and trauma physician, one of the SEAL’s elite, he’s also a binge drinker, never comfortable around women when he's not drinking, and scarred by his personal losses and survivor’s guilt.

Despite being thirty-six hours by foot from his destination, Andy makes his way across the desert by dead reckoning. After he shoots out the electrical transformer to the palace with his sniper rifle, the occupants flee in vehicles. The palace is empty except for a teenage girl, Sahar, who had been kidnapped and routinely raped by the men who fled. Andy had orders not to leave anyone alive, but the girl turned out to have a wealth of information about the sale of terrorist weapons from the palace and spoke English. For the first time in his career, Andy was unable to pull the trigger as ordered. The girl was incredibly bright for age sixteen and had already suffered enough. Besides, he was attracted by her spunk.

Sahar directs him to a truck in the compound, where Andy finds two 40-year old Soviet tactical nuclear warheads, each the size of a generator. Both had recently been recharged with new neutron reservoirs. Sahar informed him that it was Andy’s CIA contact, Harrison, who wanted to buy the weapons from a Russian black market arms dealer named Boris, formerly a member of the KGB. Andy knew that the U.S. had plenty of warheads of its own and didn’t need to buy any. And the U.S. had been helping Russia disarm its gigantic nuclear arsenal since the Cold War ended. Harrison had specifically told Andy not to disarm warheads if he found any. Because Harrison had visited the palace often to buy and sell weapons, and Sahar’s captives did not know that she understood English, she had learned that the CIA wanted the warheads because they were untraceable. The plutonium in the warheads did not come from a known Russian source. They were not on any list to be disarmed and Boris had destroyed the records that they ever existed.

Sahar explains that Harrison and the U.S. President have cooked up a scheme to blame a nuclear terrorist incident on the Saudis, allowing the U.S. to invade Saudi Arabia and confiscate its oil, now at $200 per barrel. Andy believes Sahar, partly because he has never trusted his CIA contact, partly because he knows the American president is desperate for cheap oil, and partly because the teenager arouses feelings in him that he is ashamed of. Instead of calling Harrison on the palace satellite phone Andy chooses to call his Saudi royal family contact, who he advises to remove the weapons before Harrison can send a team to pick them up. As Andy leads Sahar across the desert to his extraction point, he realizes that his life as a SEAL was over. He will not dishonor his dead SEAL buddies by participating in whatever Harrison has in mind. He delays his report to Harrison long enough for the Saudis to remove the truck and tells Harrison that he found the girl in the desert. He resigns his commission from the Navy and Sahar enrolls in college in Norfolk, Virginia, close to the hospital where Andy gets a job as an emergency physician.

Fast forward eighteen months and Andy is fighting off his urges for Sahar, who encourages his attention every day. Out of nowhere a beautiful new emergency department nurse comes into his life, Lindsey Baker. Lindsey is a CIA operative. Harrison has found out what Andy had done in the desert and Lindsey tells him that Sahar is the same girl from the palace in the Saudi desert. Both Andy and Sahar are not just expendable, they threaten both the CIA and the president himself. Andy and Lindsey go for a weekend drive to Andy’s farm in central Virginia, near Farmville. The farm is a 3400 acre 1743 land grant from King George II to Andy’s ancestor. The president wants to use Andy to confirm that the Saudis have armed nuclear weapons so that he can complete his original plan to set up the Saudi royal family as nuclear terrorists who are trying to destroy Hampton Roads, the largest U.S. Naval Base. Because the Saudis have a reputation extending back to 9-11 for supporting terrorists, the president only needs a credible witness to confirm that the Saudis indeed have at least two nuclear warheads. Andy is the only American to actually see those warheads. Lindsey intends to seduce Andy on the farm, where the CIA will kill him. Then they will kill Sahar.

But the CIA is still under the impression that Andy is a closet drunk who can be manipulated easily by Lindsey. And no one but Andy knows the secrets of his huge antebellum plantation, where he grew up and learned its network of limestone caves and its natural defenses. The caves on the Carlson plantation had served as an arsenal for both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. Just before the Confederate surrender at Appomattox, only twenty-five miles away, the gold bars from the Confederate treasury had been hidden in the caves under the plantation. The Carlsons had always collected weapons, considering themselves to be true patriots, and Andy had continued this role all of his life. All of his skill and experience will be required to fend off multiple attacks on the farm, including being stabbed in the chest by Lindsey.

No one in Washington understands what one motivated SEAL can do against an army of invaders who don’t know the ground they are fighting on. After killing every CIA agent and mercenary sent to kill him, Andy confronts Lindsey and spares her life. In return, she allows him to escape and warn Sahar.

Andy’s wound heals as he hides out and is helped by the Saudi royal family. Andy has again warned the Saudis of the president’s treachery, making it possible for the Saudis to foil the nuclear terrorist plot. The Saudis now have the president in a pickle, warning him that if something happens to Andy Carlson, the price of oil will skyrocket. The president must postpone his plans to kill Andy and Sahar, while Lindsey returns to her job as a nuclear threats analyst at the CIA.

The Saudis warn Andy that Boris is trying to sell more reconditioned cold-war era nuclear warheads in America. Boris comes to the farm and Andy mesmerizes him with the Confederate gold and buys several warheads from him. These go into the caves. Eventually the president wants Andy and Sahar dead so badly that he sends several helicopters of mercenaries. Boris wants the gold so badly that he brings a truckload of soldiers. Re-enter Lindsey, now pregnant and near term, determined to convince Andy that he will soon be a father, but unable to figure out how to tell him. Andy is quite uncomfortable around Lindsey, who claims to have switched sides. He is hurt by the fact that she is pregnant, and blind to his obvious paternity. In addition to Lindsey, who can barely walk, Andy enlists a descendant of a former slave on the Carlson plantation, Ben Carlson, who shares an ancestor with Andy. They are few in number, but Andy uses the caves to move unseen on the battlefield and lures the invaders into one trap after another.

A final battle shapes up on the farm with everything at stake. Boris is there. Harrison is there. Andy succeeds in turning these two enemies against each other. The president waits anxiously in the White House for a call from Harrison as he watches satellite images of the battle. Lindsey is severely injured by a grenade. Twins are delivered in the cave in the middle of a war overhead. Ben is hit by a .50 cal round in the chest. Andy Carlson M.D., ex-Navy SEAL, ex-drunk, is a man you won’t forget.

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Featured Book - The First to Say No by Charles C. Anderson

thefirsttosayno.jpgThe First to Say No opens with a gritty, realistic rape scene as one of Parkview Hospital’s ED doctors, Elita Romanov, regains consciousness to find herself tied to a table and being assaulted by a member of the Plagues gang. Because of her specialized military training in her native Chechnya, she is able to kill her assailant and his partners, escape and blow up a gang house as several other Plagues walk in.

The Plagues have terrorized the citizens of Watertown and especially the ED staff for years, but attacks were now coming daily. The hospital administration refuses to protect or support its emergency staff, fearing that the presence of armed officers and metal detectors would frighten the public. The local police are corrupt, taking money from the Plagues to ignore their drug enterprises. Elita is the latest in a string of ED staff who have become assault victims, but her experience galvanizes the female staff to fight back.

Elita and her friend, Dr. Kate Taylor, discuss ways of dealing with the Plagues and decide that killing them is the only solution. How to go about ridding Watertown of these violent drug abusers/pushers is the next issue they must decide. Whatever they do must be undertaken with caution, so that none of their co-workers, friends or family members are implicated in the plot.

As Kate debates methods of killing the Plagues, she is stunned to discover that her mother killed her abusive stepfather with continued overdoses of a blood thinner prescribed for her mother. A chance encounter in the ED with an alcoholic who had accidently killed himself with acetaminophen gives Kate the idea to use acetaminophen to kill the Plagues. But how to overdose them without getting caught?

It is Kate’s mother who solves this conundrum by suggesting that the common painkiller be hidden in homemade chocolate bars and moonshine. Slowly, Kate’s mother, one of her mother’s friends, a sympathetic neighbor, and several members of the ED staff become complicit in the plot to kill the Plagues and document the police corruption.

Within a matter of weeks, the gang is decimated by a lethal combination of acetaminophen-laced chocolate and moonshine and a mystery sniper who takes out the survivors one and two at a time. Ridding Watertown of its “Plague” does not come without cost, however, as Kate’s mother and her neighbor, both suffering from terminal illnesses, take their own lives after implicating themselves in the string of homicides to cover for the younger doctors, nurses and EMTS actually responsible. The climax of the book is Dr. Kate Taylor’s fight to the death in a water fountain with her chief nemesis, the last of the Plagues.

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Featured Book - Then Like the Blind Man:  Orbie's Story by       Freddie Owens

thenliketheblindmansm.gifA storm is brewing in the all-but-forgotten backcountry of Kentucky. And, for young Orbie Ray, the swirling heavens may just have the power to tear open his family’s darkest secrets. Then Like The Blind Man: Orbie’s Story is the enthralling debut novel by Freddie Owens, which tells the story of a spirited wunderkind in the segregated South of the 1950s and the forces he must overcome to restore order in his world. Rich in authentic vernacular and evocative of a time and place long past, this absorbing work of magical realism offered up with a Southern twist will engage readers who relish the Southern literary canon, or any tale well told.

Nine-year-old Orbie already has his cross to bear. After the sudden death of his father, his mother Ruby has off and married his father’s coworker and friend Victor, a slick-talking man with a snake tattoo. Since the marriage, Orbie, his sister Missy, and his mother haven’t had a peaceful moment with the heavy-drinking, fitful new man of the house. Orbie hates his stepfather more than he can stand; this fact lands him at his grandparents' place in Harlan’s Crossroads, Kentucky, when Victor decides to move the family to Florida without including him. In his new surroundings, Orbie finds little to distract him from Granpaw’s ornery ways and constant teasing jokes about snakes.

As Orbie grudgingly adjusts to life with his doting Granny and carping Granpaw, who are a bit too keen on their black neighbors for Orbie’s taste, not to mention their Pentecostal congregation of snake handlers, he finds his world views changing, particularly when it comes to matters of race, religion, and the true cause of his father’s death. He befriends a boy named Willis, who shares his love of art, but not his skin color. And, when Orbie crosses paths with the black Choctaw preacher, Moses Mashbone, he learns of a power that could expose and defeat his enemies, but can’t be used for revenge. When a storm of unusual magnitude descends, he happens upon the solution to a paradox at once magical and ordinary. The question is, will it be enough?

Equal parts Hamlet and Huckleberry Finn, it’s a tale that’s both rich in meaning, timely in its social relevance, and rollicking with boyhood adventure. The novel mines crucial contemporary issues, as well as the universality of the human experience while also casting a beguiling light on boyhood dreams and fears. It’s a well-spun, nuanced work of fiction that is certain to resonate with lovers of literary fiction, particularly in the grand Southern tradition of storytelling.

Note:  This book will be available for purchase on November 15, 2012.


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Featured Book - Wright for America by Robin Lamont

wrightforamerica.jpgMillions already know Robin Lamont as the voice behind the hit song "Day by Day" from the Broadway show and motion picture Godspell. Lamont was not only an original cast member, she was one of the creators of the show. Her voice was a beacon for a new generation of theatergoers, and fans continue to follow her.

Lamont is that rare person who has always set her own agenda for personal achievement. After a successful career in theater, she cleverly put her fine-tuned acting skills to work as a private investigator. Lamont's work in facilitating anti-counterfeiting programs inspired her to attend law school. She graduated cum laude, and practiced as an Assistant District Attorney for eight years.

Life has come full circle and Lamont is back to her first love - writing. Her unusual career path and experiences now inspire her fiction. Lamont's first novel, If Thy Right Hand, was named "Best of 2011" by Suspense Magazine and won the Gold Medal from the Independent Publisher Book Awards.

Wright for America, which will be published in October 2012, is a biting political satire and a fiercely funny detective story. It is about the power and abuses of talk radio. The plot features an actress who moonlights as an undercover private investigator. When the rantings of a right-wing talk show host inspire a hate crime that critically injures her brother, she decides to fight back using her troupe of actor friends. What follows is akin to a Shakespearean farce, complete with false identities and hidden agendas. The book is a rollicking entertaining read and offers a dose of social consciousness.

To research and make the writing realistic, Lamont listened to hours of right wing radio, intently following and researching the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Glenn Beck. In the end, she created the ultimate voice of right wing radio, a primetime huckster whose slurs and wild accusations fired at the liberal left convince fans that he is the picture of patriotism. The novel inspires questions such as: When does spin become outright lying? And, how does hate-filled name calling in public damage our country and our democracy?

Wright for America is sure to stimulate conversation about the media and its role in American politics. It is the perfect read for anyone who is fed up with hate radio and right wing/Tea Party politics.


Featured Book - Keys to Healing and Self-Mastery according to the Hathors by Ricardo B. Serrano, R.Ac.


keystohealing.jpgThe goal of the fourth book Keys to Healing and Self-Mastery according to the Hathors, a supplementary book to Holographic Sound Healing taught at the Meditation and Qigong Mastery book, and the Omkabah Heart Lightbody Activation video, is to build the Ka and offer readers an effective Hathor's emotional mastery technique to manage emotional stress, the main cause of disease, in their daily lives and spiritually awaken when emotional stress is cleared, released and stabilized. Doing this practice will provide a fast, safe way to stabilize your chaotic emotions such anger or fear. Holographic Sound Healing with the Four Sacred Elements is integrated with Ka(Merkaba) Meditation to complement Holographic Lightbody activation, and build the Sahhu or immortal golden lightbody. Dr. Johanna Budwig's Diet for Cancer and Chronic Diseases and Sun gazing are included as adjunct keys to healing.


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Featured Book - Meditation & Qigong Mastery (A Guide for Healing, Inner Happiness and Spiritual Awakening by Activating and Developing Your Lightbody) by Ricardo B. Serrano, R.Ac.


Meditation & Qigong MasteryThe first book Meditation and Qigong Mastery elaborates on the meditation and Qigong principles that masters use to activate and develop their lightbodies, also called EMF (electromagnetic fields), Wei Qi or merkaba, which is the missing mastery principle not discussed by eastern authors in their meditation and Qigong books. Omkabah heart lightbody activation and Maitreya (Shiva) Shen Gong are introduced. Quotations on inner mastery by meditation masters are included to guide the readers toward the path of inner mastery. Powerful mantras are also included to unite the meditation practitioners to the spiritual divine energy of the ancient lineage of the Siddha and Buddhist Masters. Lastly, the merkaba energy ball of light with holographic sound healing is taught for healing and spiritual awakening.


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Featured Book - View from the Edge by Michael Kasenow

viewfromtheedge.jpg"I've been there with my books and bones. And what has it given me? A bad marriage and a visit to the nut house." So says Joshua Feenics, a University Professor recovering from a psychotic breakdown. He returns to work only to face a dull life without meaning or purpose. His wife is having an affair, and he cannot erase the nightmares about his brutalized childhood. To make matters worse, his students are embroiled in a cult, while the University sinks into a national scandal. Someone wants to kill Joshua; the thriller unravels to find
out who and why?

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