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Book Giveaways for November

zero.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of Zero Day by David Baldacci.  Click on book cover for more information and to enter. 

assassin.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of Assassin of Secrets by Q.R. Markham.  Click on book cover for more information and to enter. 

fool.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of Fool's Mate by Laura Pedersen.  Click on book cover for more information and to enter.

Book Giveaway Winners for October
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Winner of The Best of Me

Suzette - Texas

Winner of Black Light

Tim Hughes - Green Bay, WI

Winners of The Good School 

Leigh Nichols - Lexington SC
Louise Brourillette - Dayton, KY

Featured Book - Miss Hildreth Wore Brown by Olivia deBelle Byrd

misshildreth1.jpgWhile Olivia deBelle Byrd was repeating one of her many Southern stories for the umpteenth time, her long-suffering husband looked at her with glazed over eyes and said, “Why don’t you write this stuff down?” Thus was born Miss Hildreth Wore Brown—Anecdotes of a Southern Belle. If the genesis for a book is to shut your wife up, I guess that’s as good
as any. On top of that, Olivia’s mother had burdened her with one of those Southern middle names kids love to make fun. To see “deBelle” printed on the front of a book seemed vindication for all the childhood teasing.

With storytelling written in the finest Southern tradition from the soap operas of Chandler Street in the quaint town of Gainesville, Georgia, to a country store on the Alabama state line, Olivia deBelle Byrd delves with wit and amusement into the world of the Deep South with all its unique idiosyncrasies and colloquialisms.

The characters who dance across the pages range from Great-Aunt Lottie Mae, who is as “old-fashioned and opinionated as the day is long,” to Mrs. Brewton, who calls everyone “dahling” whether they are darling or not, to Isabella with her penchant for mint juleps and drama.

Humorous anecdotes from a Christmas coffee, where one can converse with a lady who has Christmas trees with blinking lights dangling from her ears, to Sunday church, where a mink coat is mistaken for possum, will delight Southerners and baffle many a non-Southerner. There is the proverbial Southern beauty pageant, where even a six-month-old can win a tiara, to a funeral faux pas of the iron clad Southern rule—one never wears white after Labor Day and, dear gussy, most certainly not to a funeral.

Miss Hildreth Wore Brown—Anecdotes of a Southern Belle is guaranteed to provide an afternoon of laugh-out-loud reading and hilarious enjoyment.

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Featured Book - Facing Demons by Ashley Sanders

facingdemons.jpgFACING DEMONS is an inspirational, confronting and moving tale that tackles many real-life issues.
Based around the journeys of four teenagers who are on the path of self-destruction, the novel openly challenges issues such as drugs and alcohol, racism, self-harm and suicide, violence, sexual abuse, and homelessness.

REBECCA is unwittingly thrust into the gloomy underworld of the sex trade at a young age until it becomes all she knows. Sick of being a slave to such a horrible life she attempts suicide as the only means to escape.

JASON is a racist gang-member blinded by his desire to avenge the cold-blooded murder of his family.  Unsatisfied once their killers have been brought to justice, Jason continues to build absolute rage and hatred towards a people based solely on their skin colour. This exact prejudice is what will bring about his demise—a bullet to the chest.

FELICITY suffers from manic-depression, diagnosed following the loss of her baby brother Ben. In order to suppress the dark, inexplicable and terrifying feelings that engulf her without warning, Felicity uses drugs, alcohol and self-harm. Being born into a wealthy family with access to anything Felicity desires doesn’t prevent her from attempting to kill herself.

MATTHEW is an asylum seeker who has lived on the streets of Australian cities since he was separated from his family whilst on the run from their war-torn homeland. Facing prejudice and
injustice every single day does not change this young man’s noble and courageous personality until he reaches the point where he must steal to survive. Unfortunately for Matthew, he is caught in a blazing inferno and receives severe burns.

All four of these diverse, troubled but amazing young people come close to death but are lucky enough to be given another chance. What could have been tragic circumstances ultimately results in the four teenagers meeting one another in a special rehabilitation program run by BLAKE SOLOMON. It is here that they are able to confront their numerous issues, some of which result in dangerous and potentially deadly conflicts but in the end they unite in facing their demons. Full of action, adventure, drama, conflict, and romance, Facing Demons is a novel aimed at a young adult readership.

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Featured Book - Cry for Justice by Ralph Zeta

cryforjustice1.jpgCry For Justice takes readers inside one of the nation’s most exclusive bastions of wealth; Palm Beach. The story follows hot-shot attorney Jason Justice as he delves into the affairs of a young girl who wants to locate her missing step father, who by all indications may have not only staged her mother’s suicide, he may also made off with her family’s fortune.

With little to go on except for a yellowing snapshot, Jason Justice takes on the case not realizing his search for the missing man would eventually lead him to more victims and expose a link to a secret CIA relocation program and a trained killer who would stop at nothing to keep his crimes secret.

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Featured Book - The Tides of Avarice by John Dahlgren


It's something all pirates are taught when they're small, but too many of them forget: Never get on the wrong side of a librarian.

Especially if the librarian is a lemming!

Sylvester Lemmington used to read about cannibals, impenetrable jungles, lethal carnivores, gypsy fortune-tellers, voodoo magic, cutthroat pirates, shipwrecks, mutinies, spaceships and much else in his books, but he never thought he'd encounter them for real!

Can Sylvester save his sweetheart, Viola, her frighteningly gritty mom and the other friends he's acquired along the way? Can he find his long-lost father, rescue his hometown of Foxglove from the murderous rule of its ruthless mayor, and discover true happiness?

Oh, did we mention that Sylvester has mistakenly received the most sought after treasure map ever? This means he also has to escape from the cruelest and craziest pirate captain who ever sailed the seas of Sagaria – the horrifying Cap’n Terrigan Rustbane who will stop at nothing to get his map back! A map which leads to a treasure beyond the wildest dreams of avarice…

It's kind of a tall order.

But then Sylvester is a librarian…and a lemming.

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Featured Book - Travels of the Mind by Ettore Grillo

travels.jpgI could not write “Travels of the Mind” without having volunteered for a long time. It tells about my volunteer work, in England, United States, Africa, Japan and so on. It contains plenty of information on rare Japanese Martial Arts to African burials, Vedanta, Buddhism and so on.

“Travels of the Mind” is a way of healing anxiety, phobias, hypochondria and psychic disorders. It cannot be assimilated to a manual. It contains tips for resolving inner problems, but it leaves to the reader the choice of the way to follow. A chick cannot hatch out if the hen does not peck the eggshell. “Travels of the Mind” is like that; it pecks softly your shell for helping you to get out of your own mental prison.

Through my book I want to launch a message: "Look inside yourself, find what you really are, your nature and never change your mind with regard to the place where you are living or the job you are doing, or the people whom you are coming across to." My message is for the time being. The future does not exist. It is only a possibility, with many alternatives!

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Featured Book - Timmy's Bedtime:  A Monster Bear Tale Written and Illustrated by Tim and Toni Williams
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timmy.jpgThis is a story about a little boy that is afraid of monster nad how his fathers bring the monster out from under the bed, and into the light with out fear.

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Reviewers Wanted

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