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Book Giveaways for November

rescue1.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of Rescue byAnita Shreve.  Click on book cover for more information and to enter.

hollywood.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of Hollywood Hills by Joseph Wambaugh.  Click on book cover for more information and to enter.

Book Giveaway Winners for October

Winner of The Brave

David Basile - Valley Stream, NY

Winner of The Reversal

Marya Zanders - Centerville, IA

Winner of Five Books - National Adopt-A-Dog Month

Winner has been notified.  We are waiting for confirmation.

Featured Book - Miss Hildreth Wore Brown by Olivia deBelle Byrd
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brown.jpgWhile Olivia deBelle Byrd was repeating one of her many Southern stories for the umpteenth time, her long-suffering husband looked at her with glazed over eyes and said, “Why don’t you write this stuff down?” Thus was born Miss Hildreth Wore Brown—Anecdotes of a Southern Belle. If the genesis for a book is to shut your wife up, I guess that’s as good as any. On top of that, Olivia’s mother had burdened her with one of those Southern middle names kids love to make fun. To see “deBelle” printed on the front of a book seemed vindication for all the childhood teasing.

With storytelling written in the finest Southern tradition from the soap operas of Chandler Street in the quaint town of Gainesville, Georgia, to a country store on the Alabama state line, Olivia deBelle Byrd delves with wit and amusement into the world of the Deep South with all its unique idiosyncrasies and colloquialisms.

The characters who dance across the pages range from Great-Aunt Lottie Mae, who is as “old-fashioned and opinionated as the day is long,” to Mrs. Brewton, who calls everyone “dahling” whether they are darling or not, to Isabella with her penchant for mint juleps and drama.

Humorous anecdotes from a Christmas coffee, where one can converse with a lady who has Christmas trees with blinking lights dangling from her ears, to Sunday church, where a mink coat is mistaken for possum, will delight Southerners and baffle many a non-Southerner. There is the proverbial Southern beauty pageant, where even a six-month-old can win a tiara, to a funeral faux pas of the iron clad Southern rule—one never wears white after Labor Day and, dear gussy, most certainly not to a funeral.

Miss Hildreth Wore Brown—Anecdotes of a Southern Belle is guaranteed to provide an afternoon of laugh-out-loud reading and hilarious enjoyment.

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Featured Book - Dating Tips for You by Nocita Carter

dating.jpgDating Tips for You provides tips and information to single people who would like to learn more about dating.  Some of the tips provided in the book include:  asking someone on a date, dating with no commitment, staying safe while you date, deciding whether or not to date a coworker or boss, meeting places for dates and many more dating tips that may help you when you date.

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Featured Book - Moon Rising by Laurie Bowler

moonrising.jpgMarinette (Nessy) is half vampire and half human. She flees her maker, Hervidor, the strongest of their kind and the ruler of the underworld of vampires, who has kept Nessy locked away for centuries. Nessy flees to be able to live her life as she chooses where she meets and quickly falls in love with Charles. With the threat of Hervidor constantly at her heels, Nessy tries to make the final decision to stand and face him in the fight that will decide her fate.

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Featured Book - Emmy Budd and The Hijacked Train by Jean Blasiar

train1.jpgEmmy Budd is a twelve-year old tomboy who finds her match in the new boy in town, T. J. Blake. With no money and lots of time on their hands, Emmy and T. J. ferret out every freebie in town, including sneaking aboard the mail train bound for Pittsburgh and ending up in the middle of a hijacking. Operating under cover, the teen detectives risk their lives as they confront a desperate fugitive. 

(Winner of the Children's Award at the Hollywood Book Festival, 2010)

Featured Book - Emmy Budd Don't Look Now by Jean Blasiar

now1.jpgEmmy Budd cannot resist reading a note she finds in a telephone booth. She and T. J. Blake are unable to understand the note, written in code, but when the drug store blows up during the night, they realize the meaning and the dangers in the note.

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Interview with Laurie Bowler, author of Moon Rising.

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