Newsletter for  Week of October 24, 2016


Featured Book - Tropical Liaison by Richard S. Hillman

tropicalliaison.jpgManny White Vidal is an expert on Guarida, an oil-producing Caribbean nation riddled with poverty, corruption, and demagoguery. Trouble strikes when Claudio Sánchez takes power. Spewing anti-American rhetoric, the charismatic leader seduces the masses with promises of revolutionary reform.

The U.S. State Department seeks to protect Big Oil by tapping Manny to embed himself in the University of Guarida. Torn between his loyalty to the United States and his ideals sympathetic to social justice, Manny advocates for mutual understanding. Yet, he stumbles into a political minefield. And a torrid affair with a hustler endangers his relationship with Dee, his prospective fiancée in New York. Meanwhile, Manny's search for a disappeared cousin, who joined the Freedom Front after Security Police murdered his parents, turns into a terrifying odyssey. Convinced of American complicity in a botched attempt to assassinate Sánchez, Manny openly questions U.S. policy. Nevertheless, Sánchez accuses Manny of espionage, subjects him to water-boarding, and holds him hostage.

Can Manny extricate himself from the complicated web of deceit, betrayal, and treachery into which he has fallen?

Sánchez offers a deal in which Manny denounces American intervention in exchange for his freedom. Will he take the deal or deliver a State Department ultimatum? Manny's escapades raise questions about crossing cultural as well as moral boundaries, temptation, and individual responsibility. Ultimately, both Manny and Sánchez must choose to take a stand either for their country or their personal survival.


Featured Book - Hmmm - A Tale of Mysterious Murr-Derr and a Girl by Simon Plaster

hmm.jpg Hmmm? is a satirical tale of mysterious murrr-derrr, and a girl.

A middle-aged couple ---- Wynona Sue and Alex ---- are mutually smitten. They want to wed, but ooops. Turns out a wife who abandoned Alex years before ----Charlene ---- never got around to following through with their divorce.

Charlene simultaneously disposes of a longtime significant other. Under the impression that Alex, still her legal spouse, has hit the jackpot, she returns to the small Oklahoma town where Alex and Wynona Sue live, and demands a divorce settlement awarding all the marital "pots and pans" to her.

Lawyers get involved. Issues become contentious.

A private detective ---- Max "Maximo" Morgan ----is engaged, first to sniff out existence and identity of a suspected "other woman" in Alex's secret life, then to get the goods on Charlene's alleged adulterous relationship with an "other man."

So when WOMAN SUSPECTED IN FOUL PLAY is reported, both Max and a Police Chief Potter initially pursue love triangle theories; neither aware that two young nerds need human body parts to upgrade a female robot into a humanoid.

With no confirmed victim but these and other scenarios for murrr-derrr afoot, small town newspaper reporter ---- Henrietta ---- tries to figure out whodunnit to whom, while at the same time taking an online college course about mysteries of the classic love story in literature.

What happens in the end is startling.

Hmmm? is the ninth satirical novel penned by Simon Plaster, and like all but one of the others is set in the archetypal small town of Henryetta, Oklahoma.


Featured Book - Closure by Robert Roy Britt

closure.jpgA shocking, unsolved murder in the normally quiet town of Pleasant provides Eli  Quinn with a mysterious case, his first as a private investigator.

Tinker Bernstein was shot in his garage, three days after his computer had been stolen in a break-in. The dual crimes must be more than a coincidence, but there are few clues and no obvious motive. Quinn's good friends, reporter Samantha Marcos and lawman Jack Beachum, help him piece together a puzzle that surprises them all.

Quinn has to break a few rules, and a few bones, along the way, and his dog Solo, the world's greatest K-9 private eye, helps keep him safe.

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Featured Book - Expired Listings by D.M. Barr

expiredlistings.jpgWhat if people were dying around you and you weren't absolutely sure you weren't their murderer? Someone is ‘deactivating’ the Realtors in Rock Canyon and almost no one seems to care. Not the surviving brokers, who consider the serial killings a competitive boon. Not the town’s residents, who see the murders as a public service. In fact, the only person who’s even somewhat alarmed is Dana Black, a kinky, sharp-witted yet emotionally skittish Realtor who has no alibi for the crimes because during each, she believes she was using her empty listings for games like Bondage Bingo with her sadistic lover, Dare. And yet, mysteriously, all clues are pointing her way. 

Along with clearing her name and avoiding certain death at the hands of the ‘Realtor Retaliator,’ Dana has an even bigger problem: she’s inadvertently become a person of interest in more ways than one to Aidan Cummings, the sexy albeit vanilla detective investigating the case. While his attentions are tempting, Dana is torn—does she continue her ironically ‘safe’ but sterile BDSM relationship with Dare, or risk real intimacy with Aidan? 

Kink, Suspense and Satire--Expired Listings masterfully combines all three while exploring the universal need for validation and the toxic nature of revenge. 



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