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Winner of A Change in Altitude:

Sandra Brodeur - Surfside Beach, SC

Winner of King Tut:

Pat Connors - Alton, NH

Winners of Back-to-School Giveaway:

Barbara Bliznik - Hamburg, NY

Ed Nemmers - Skokie, Illinois

Leigh Nichols - Lexington SC

Jasmine Rogers - Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Kathy Scott - Hailey, ID



In the tradition of Das Boot and The Hunt for Red October comes a sweeping saga of World War II, featuring a heroic and conflicted German U-Boat commander . . .

honorable.jpgWhen World War II begins, Max Brekendorf, a proud young German naval officer, fights for his country with honor and courage. With the unstoppable German war machine overrunning Europe, he looks ahead to a bright future with his fiancée, Mareth.

But as the war progresses, their future together becomes less and less certain. German victories begin to fade. In the North Atlantic, Max must face the increasing strength of the Allies on ever more harrowing missions. Berlin itself is savaged by bombing, making life for Mareth increasingly dangerous and desperate. And as the Third Reich steadily crumbles, Nazi loyalists begin to infiltrate Max's crew and turn their terror on Germany's own armed forces.

Recognizing what his nation has become, Max is forced to make a choice between his own sense of morality and his duty to the Reich.

With its stirring, rarely seen glimpse of the German home front during World War II, vivid characters, and evocation of the drama and terror of war at sea, AN HONORABLE GERMAN is a suspense-filled story of adventure, of love and loss, and of honor and redemption.

CHARLES MCCAIN is a lifelong student of German military and maritime history. He grew up in South Carolina and is a graduate of Tulane University. Based on more than twenty years of research, AN HONORABLE GERMAN is his first novel. McCain lives in Washington, D.C. You can visit his website at

"A truly epic and stirring tale of war, love, and the sea. An Honorable German is a remarkable debut novel by a writer who has done his homework so well that it seems he was an eyewitness to the history he portrays in such vivid detail. An original and surprising look at World War II from the other side."
-Nelson DeMille

"A fast paced, old fashioned naval yarn that crackles with authenticity, An Honorable German will leave the taste of salt on your tongue as you breathlessly turn the pages. A first-class tale that afficionnados of the Second World War will find especially satisfying. I enjoyed it immensely!"
-Christopher Reich

Click hear to read our recent interview with Charles McCain.





days.jpgUrgent and Authenticated Non-fiction Set to Unveil Freemason Truths
Days of Elijah: A True Story (Revised and Expanded)

Do you remember:

• Pan Am 103 Lockerbie
• The Dunblane Massacre
• Logan Airport on 9/11 2001
• War in Iraq and escalating violence in the Middle East
• World Wars I and II-leading to the imminent WWIII
• Bodies and body bags from all of the above?

Scottish Ritual Freemasonry's cause is the effect!

In this riveting real-life account, Eliza Earsman shares all about Freemasonry's documented connections to corrupt politics and harrowing world events. Days of Elijah exposes some of the darkest secrets the Freemasons have attempted to hide, including such intriguing facts as:

1. Scottish Ritual Freemasonry's HQ is at 96 George Street, Edinburgh, Scotland-from where Freemasons went out to be the builders of the U.S. White House.

2. The Knesset, Israel (Masonic Lodge), was specifically designed and built by Rothschild.

3. Adolf Hitler was a Rothschild offshoot.

4. Watch the globally and strategically placed "black dots" and "traditional handshakes" as politicians tour the world.

Current events show a growing awareness of Mountbatten-Windsor's attempts to hinder public awareness of these Days of Elijah (Revised): A True Story details. Their main goal: to try to thwart understanding and accountability for their intended World War III evils. Major worldwide events have overtaken the lives of many, yet Eliza Earsman is one of few willing to step out and speak the truth on a global domain. Opposition from the British base of crime-ridden Freemasonry has been fierce...but her determination is fiercer.

Days of Elijah (Revised): A True Story is a war document. Details are lodged with the Institute of War Documentation in Amsterdam, Holland.

For those who stand at the sidelines watching, be warned: they also kill those who do nothing.


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