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Book Giveaways for August

susan.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of Tony and Susan by Austin Wright.  Click on book cover for more information and to enter. 

triple.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of  Triple Crossing by Sebastian Rotella.  Click on book cover for more information and to enter.

Book Giveaway Winners for July

Winner of Adrenaline

Winner has been notified.

Winner of Bloodline

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Winners of Hush

Judy Hsu - Duarte, CA
Karen Haas - Garner, NC

Featured Book - Beyond the Myth by Maria T. Holmes

myth4.jpgWith Beautiful Imagery, Inspiring Quotes, from authors as diverse as the Buddha, Ralf Waldo Emerson, Helen Keller, the Bible and Holmes' own words of wisdom, author Maria Holmes takes you beyond the myth and shows you how to live the life you desire using the power of the Law of Attraction. Readers are awaken to the possibilities all around them and learn how to use the principles of desire, Visualization, Gratitude, Belief, and Faith to manifest positive change in their lives ."The answers are within each and every one of us."

Featured Book - Speaking Truths by Dayna Hester

speakingtruths.jpgEach year over a quarter of a million children are abducted in the United States, many, but not all, by a family member. Losing a child this way is a parent’s worst nightmare. We all feel a pang of heartache when we see a child’s face on a missing person’s poster or the side of a milk carton. We hope the story ends well. Dayna Hester’s extensively researched debut novel Speaking Truths brings to life not only the multi-layered trauma of child abduction, but the tough road back to normalcy in those happy cases where the child is successfully recovered.

As the novel opens, sixteen-year-old Landon Starker leads a tense life living in a trailer with a man he sometimes refers to as his father, but whom he mainly just calls Bob. Landon has developed an emotional radar finely tuned to Bob’s ups and downs, to the minutiae that can cause Bob to swing from relatively content to raging and abusive. It’s not a great life but it’s the only one Landon knows. He dimly remembers a difficult time spent in a shelter after, Bob says, his parents abandoned him. But Landon, focused on the here and now of day-to-day survival, thinks little of the past other than to linger occasionally on the memory of his older brother K.C., who used to live with him and Bob and disappeared—he doesn’t know when or where to.

Landon has a minor brush with the law, and his fingerprints trigger a database of missing children and a rescue by the FBI. A happy ending, it would seem, but Landon’s battles have just begun. Everything about the life with which he has made an uneasy peace, including his name, is a lie. His real parents hope to pick up where they left off with their son, but for Landon it is not that simple. His life is a multiple-choice test where every answer seems to hold a piece of the truth. There is his life as he has come to accept it; the old life his parents tell him about; and the tangled bridge between the two the FBI is seeking to unravel. In the midst of it all, Landon struggles to recover buried memories and form his own version of the truth.

Drawing on courtroom intrigue and murder mystery to pace her story, Hester paints a vivid portrait of a boy who, when we first meet him, is intensely uncomfortable in his own skin: a skin that has experienced untold pain, and whose boundaries and identity are elusive and variable. As he grows into a young man with much to give to the world and those around him, we root for him, fear for him, and sit on the edge of our seats as he negotiates his difficult journey from the land of the missing to the land of the living.

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Featured Book - Lebensborn by Jo Ann Bender

The story is in two parts: the first in France, the second in Germany at a Lebensborn, a home for high-class women bearing children for the Fuhrer. It
is a secret program and all records have been destroyed except those which were in homes in Norway.

It begins in France. An elite SS group, commanded by the charming but cruel Major Hurst, take over a small village. Antoinette Gauthier, her family, friends and members of the Resistance, even their pets, now find life difficult.

For Antoinette, this means becoming a servant for Major Hurst and his men in her home and living in the attic. She allows him to seduce her to learn secrets for the Resistance.

Discarded; then finding herself pregnant, Major Hurst sends her to Bavaria to a Lebensborn home. The women and staff believe she is a spy and treat her poorly. Antoinette’s pastry made for a baby-naming ceremony is enjoyed by Heinrich Himmler who sends her next door to his SS party house to be their new cook.

The Major’s finance from Berlin arrives at the party house. Tension builds when Antoinette is invited to join one of their wild weekend parties.

It all fits into her plan to rescue and escape with a downed English pilot. Captured by the Gestapo, she never gives up, but makes plans to get away. The ending is one of reconciliation. It takes place with most of the major characters many years after WWII.

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Featured Book - Just a Bunch of Crazy Ideas by Pardu Ponnapalli


This book is about thoughts and ideas on a wide range of subjects. The ideas range from how to modify the game of chess to pursuing space exploration in a way that captures the imagination of the public. New and innovative viewpoints on practical methods to building a space elevator, designing a method to cope with cat litter and some simple ways to conserve energy are presented.  Economic themes aboutthe federal debt and defecit are also examined.

Chapter 1 Space Elevator
Chaper 2 Alternative Energies and Energy Conservation
Chapter 3 More Thoughts on Energy Conservation
Chapter 4 Gas Stations and filling up
Chapter 5 Luggage and Airplanes
Chapter 6 Thoughts on Chess
Chapter 7 Thoughts on Ice Hockey
Chapter 8 Thoughts on Cat Litter
Chapter 9 Our National Debt and Defecit
Chapter 10 I am overweight and so are most Americans
Chapter 11 Star Trek and Reboot
Chapter 12 Thoughts about Laptops
Chapter 13 Thoughts about Space Exploration
Chapter 14 Thoughts on the Stock Market
Chapter 15 Automatic Inform Systems for IT Workers
Chapter 16 Hikers who hurt themselves
Chapter 17 How to improve dishwashers

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