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Featured Book - The Amarant by Tricia Barr

theamarant.jpgA fictional world brought to life, a dark romance that promises eternity, and a secret that threatens to end it all. Crimson Wilkinson is a teenage girl who, having survived a dark childhood, finds her escape in reading a popular vampire series. After some investigation, she becomes a very active part in the very true vampire stories the world thought were fiction and falls in love with their author, Nicholae Albaric, the sweetly lonely vampire celebrity. But her happiness is short-lived as she discovers she has a rare gene that makes the carrier extremely powerful if turned into a vampire, and she is targeted as the vampire community’s number-one most-wanted, some who want to kill her before she becomes a threat, and others who want to use her powers to their own ends.


Featured Book - Timeless Travels:  Tales of Mystery, Intrigue, Humor and Enchantment by Joseph Rotenberg

timelesstravelsmed.jpgWho is today’s American Jew? Joseph Rotenberg styles himself as a modern-day maggid (traditional Jewish storyteller), weaving tales from the everyday to the fantastic, each one bringing the reader a slice of the American Jewish experience. Just as Sholem Aleichem did more than a hundred years ago in his famous stories describing Russian Jewish life, these tales inform and entertain by uncovering little-known events and personalities that have impacted the American Jewish world. In the 1950s, the late Harry Golden, in his popular collections Only in America and For Two Cents Plain, introduced Jewish culture to many non-Jewish Americans. Joseph Rotenberg’s work updates that vision to depict the contemporary, modern American Jew who is today increasingly as much at home in the halls of the Ivy League, the corridors of power in Washington, the corporate boardroom, and the theater as he is in the beit midrash and the synagogue. You'll laugh, cry, and wonder as you travel through Joseph Rotenberg’s incisive and at times laugh-outloud funny collection of tales.  

Timeless Travels is a fascinating and thought-provoking account of the experiences and travels of Jewish people throughout history, by the talented author, Joseph Rotenberg. Timeless Travels will appeal to readers of all ages. I highly recommend this page-turning collection of short stories.”

Douglas R. Cobb – Reviewer for     



Featured Book - Mock My Words by Chandra Shekhar

mockmywords.jpgPart marital drama, part techno-thriller, and part romantic comedy, this novel tells the tale of David Tan, a Chinese literary genius, who struggles to communicate with his Californian students while his plucky American wife Laura battles a high-tech conspiracy.


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Book Giveaways for July

everydayaboveground.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of Every Day Above Ground by Glen Erik Hamilton . Click on book cover for more information and to enter.

blame.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of Blame by Jeff Abbott. Click on book cover for more information and to enter.

Book Giveaway Winners for June

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Winner of Robert Ludlum's (TM) The Bourne Initiative

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Recent Reviews

A Ghostly Mortality by Tonya Kappes
Brooklyn Graves by Triss Stein
Burned Out Old Broads VII and VIII by Joy Johnson
Death at Breakfast by Beth Gutcheon
Desperate Housedogs by Sparkle Abbey
Goodnight from London by Jennifer Robson
I Wasn't Invited to the Birthday by Susannna Kern
If You Were Me and Lived in Ancient Mali Carole P. Roman
Mock My Words by Chandra Shekhar
Out of the Black by John Rector
Racing the Devil by Charles Todd
Softbelly:  A Memoir of a Young Adult Coming of Age Bipolar by Robert Epperson
Song of the Lion by Anne Hillerman
The Amarant by Tricia Barr
The Bitter Season by Tami Hoag
The Criminalist by John Houde
The Deceiver by Frederick Forsyth
The Fix by David Baldacci
The Midnight Watch by David Dyer
The Midwife's Sister by Jennifer Worth
Timeless Travels:  Tales of Mystery, Intrigue, Humor and Enchantment by Joseph Rotenberg

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