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Featured Book - Why Marx Was Wrong by Lawrence Eubank

whymarxwaswrongmed.jpgThe subject of this book is the "negative assault on democratic capitalism" embodied in "Das Kapital," Marx's great work devoted to delineating the crimes and injustices of capitalist societies and market economies.

The book is a systematic, step-by-step analysis of Marx's logic. It challenges the arguments and deductions by which he reaches his main conclusion: that capitalism is corrupt in its essential nature, and that capitalists gain wealth not by any legitimate means, but by appropriating unpaid labor or "surplus value" from the working masses. Despite the disappearance of the Soviet bloc and the waning of Communist zealotry, that is still a widely-believed doctrine.

Marx's accusation against capitalism, and the course of arguments by which he arrives at it, together form the subject of this book.




Featured Book - Unholy Bargain by Travis Hallden Holt

unholybargain.jpgAn assassin is at work—one of the best in the trade. His body turned to dust long ago, but his spirit roams the Earth freely, undetectable to the five senses. He stalks his victims waiting for just the right opportunity. Then, in quick succession, he possesses a human host and strikes down his quarry. For a century and a half he has served this way.

Deputy Sheriff Nate Barrington is riding the crest of a new relationship. Kaitlyn Spencer is beautiful, altruistic, enlightened—everything he’s not. She teaches classes in New Age philosophy at her growing school. Nate doesn’t share her spirituality, but the physical passion hasn’t subsided enough for him to care.

Nate’s nirvana quickly unravels when Kaitlyn’s life is threatened on two separate occasions. With no apparent motive or any evidence suggesting collision, the police are stumped. Even more troubling to Nate, Kaitlyn is eventually convinced she is the target of unseen forces.

A hardheaded pragmatist, Nate isn’t prone to believe that spirits can possess people. As far as he’s concerned, Kaitlyn’s claims of perpetrators possessed by a spirit assassin are on par with comic book stories and have nothing to do with reality, and her esoteric, New Age mumbo jumbo begins to drive a wedge into their relationship. And why Kaitlyn? What secret is she hiding?

Even with the sheriff's resources at Nate's disposal, the odds for Kaitlyn's survival are not in her favor. The true enemy is virtually invisible, and Nate's conventional police tactics have no effect on the spirit world. Strikes come anytime, anywhere, and from random, unwittingly manipulated people. Behind it all is a deal the assassin had made with the devil: send Kaitlyn Spencer to an early grave in exchange for a fresh start. For that, the assassin will stop at nothing to uphold his end of an Unholy Bargain.



Featured Book - A Private Face by Annie Henry

aprivateface.jpgA Private Face is the story of Kate, a part-time nurse in her forties and the mother of two teenagers: James, age sixteen, and Isabel, age eighteen. Kate and her husband, Simon, have recently separated, and James has been skipping classes and failing to turn in his work.

Kate’s life is a struggle on many fronts, from her attempts to help James as his rebellion increases, to navigating the breakup of her marriage and moving on, to coming to terms with her spiritual beliefs as a lapsed Catholic. Although she serves as the main narrator, her viewpoint is balanced out by Isabel, who sheds light on events from an older teenager’s perspective. Her sections reveal increasing intolerance for her mother’s preoccupation with James’s bad behavior together with her fascination with mysticism. She acts as herald by encouraging her mother to seek advice from a palm-reader/medium.

Throughout the story, Kate is emotionally supported by a group of loyal female friends who encourage her to move on from Simon and have some fun again. They arrange a date for her with an Englishman whom she agrees to meet, despite her initial reservations. When she realises how special he is, she must decide whether to introduce him to the family and try to predict how they will react.

The story deals with aspects of family life that are common in contemporary society, with currents of deeper themes running through it, including: an exploration of the way people wear a public face for the world and an inner, private face at home; the links between traditional organised religion and other belief systems; and the special relationship between grandparent and grandchild.

A thread of metaphysical phenomena such as clairvoyance and the concept that James might be an “indigo child” sent to change conventions that no longer suit society, add layers of intrigue. Kate also often wonders if she senses the spiritual presence of her favorite teacher, a nun who taught her English and instilled in her a love of Blake’s poetry and Tolstoy’s fiction. The idea of the nun’s spiritual presence both delights and confuses her.

The supreme event of the story occurs when James goes on a rampage after a drug-fuelled session. The police become involved and Kate tries desperately to contact Isabel to warn her. On receiving Kate’s message, Isabel jumps into her car to drive to her mother but a dreadful accident thwarts the meeting. The accident precipitates a beautiful vision in the form of a Near Death Experience in the operating theatre.

The incident proves a wake-up call for James.


Book Giveaways for July

thedrummondgirls.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of The Drummond Girls by Mardi Link.  Click on book cover for more information and to enter.



alltogethernow.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of  All Together Now by Gill Hornby. Click on book cover for more information and to enter.



overtaken.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of  Overtaken by Mark Kruger. Click on book cover for more information and to enter.





Book Giveaway Winners for June

Winner of Day Four

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Winner of 9 1/2 Narrow:  My Life in Shoes

Sandra Lopez - TX

The Contest

Have you ever been reading a book and pictured a certain Hollywood star playing one of the characters? Ever been disappointed with the casting selection when your favorite book is made into a movie?

The Bookcaster allows you to build the perfect Hollywood cast for your favorite book and share it with other fans.

Their goal is to someday influence Hollywood casting decisions based on the opinion of book fans before adaptations are filmed.

The is sponsoring a contest for visitors of  A winner will be selected on July 25, 2015. I
f the person chosen is an author,  the winner can choose either their own book or a favorite that they have read to be placed in the featured section of The for 30 days.  If the person chosen is a reader, the winner can choose their favorite book and it will be placed in the featured section for 30 days.  Be sure to enter the contest.  The link is listed below:

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