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Book Giveaways for July

island1.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of The Island by Elin Hilderbrand.  Click on book cover for more details and to enter.



athens.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of The Messenger of Athens by Anne Zouroudi.  Click on the book cover for more details and to enter.




Book Giveaway Winners for June:

Winner of So Cold The River

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Winner of Sweet Misfortune

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Winners of The Rule of Nine

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Winners of Wrong

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Winners of Heart of Lies

Rachel Higgs - Fredericksburg, TX

Debra Frischkorn - Suring, WI

Winner of The Lion

Steve Cox - Fishers, IN

Featured Book - The Last Saint by Annette Sobolak

saint.jpgSynopsis: “Heaven doesn’t accept murderers,” were Mariella DiDomizio’s father’s final raspy words before he died—a curse that would haunt her until death.

There is a wife in Tom’s River, New Jersey, who strove hard to lock away her abusive childhood and start over with a picture-perfect family. No one would suspect the quiet, devout woman would lose her sanity and head down a path of destruction.

Mariella DiDomizio is a woman who likes a simple, low-key life. Coming out of her violent childhood, she’s done everything in her power to fight her late father’s view of her by building the ideal life as the perfect wife to her husband Dominic and perfect mother to their five children. With her focus on satisfying her husband and taking care of their children, Mariella feels she has control over her life and has proved her father wrong by not being the evil child he swore she was.

Then the night her husband comes home covered in blood shatters her perfect world. Dominic forces her to rid of his bloody clothing and claims he hit a deer. But as Mariella walks to the car to go burn the bag of blood-soaked clothes, she pulls out a patch of hair embedded in the grill. Human hair. Her ideal life no longer exists, and she must accept the fate of her father’s words that she had fought against all her life—she is, in fact, destined for evil.

Readers helplessly watch Mariella’s downward spiral into destruction as she loses her mind piece by piece. Her family and husband are oblivious to it, except for her long-lost sister Helen, who struggles to connect with her sister and to save her from herself. The deeper Helen digs into her sister’s reality, the more disturbed she becomes, all the while helpless to do anything to help her.

Mariella seeps deeper into a delusion filled with voices and hallucinations. Her husb rid of the evil—she must destroy herself and her family.

We’re left counting down the clock and hoping that Helen will be Mariella’s savior to prevent a horrifying ending. Readers are sure to sit on the edge of their seats, watching Mariella hopelessly plunge into delusion, until the very unexpected and shocking ending.



Featured Book - Our Promised Land by Michael T. Darkow

promised.jpgOne father. Two brothers. Two great religions. One mutually hallowed patch of ground. For centuries both have called it home. Now they bitterly contest whose nation it shall be.

Part history, part fiction, Our Promised Land challenges the reader to walk this long sad journey in the shoes of both sides. The characters are gut wrenchingly real, the events too tragic to bear, precisely because they are as historical as they are fictional. Can there ever be peace by any other path, except to admit the humanity of both sides, each finally granting the other this appropriate and proper dignity?

Our Promised Land compels the reader to face the unspeakable monstrousness of the violence, its very human perpetrators on both sides. Yet it refuses to deny the humanity of either.

Our Promised Land begs for that far better world we of every race, every nation, every religion, and every ideology hope, dream, and yearn, the one that finally and at long and terrible last is expressive of our intelligence, our dignity, and our nobility, no longer our worst instincts.

Can it ever be "the" Promised Land for either side, except that intelligence, dignity, and nobility confess, it cannot be only one side's, but it has always been both sides', Our Promised Land?


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