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Featurethespiritofwant.jpgd Book - The Spirit of Want by William H. Coles

A young dynamic lawyer gives a ride to a surgeon colleague of her father. She has been drinking and crashes injuring the colleague and the wife of a judge is found dead near the crash but it is unclear if it is accident related. Still, a prosecutor envious of the lawyers success builds a case of manslaughter against her. With time, she becomes involved with the injured colleague and hastily marries him, many think to prevent him testifying about the accident and her drinking.

As she awaits her trial, she continues her law practice and she falls in love with a TV-star evangelist client. She follows when he takes his ministry to Africa leaving her husband and infant daughter. She is disbarred for sexual involvement with her evangelist client while leading his defense against sexual abuse crimes. In Africa she learns of the evangelists true nature of philandering, deceit,and greed, and escapes her virtual captivity to return home penniless to Atlanta where she is rejected by family and colleagues, prevented seeing her daughter now loved and cared for by her sister and mother. She finds a job in California as a legal consultant and is assigned to a congresswoman running for reelection. But she breaks ethical boundaries, the election is lost, and she is terminated. The evangelist begs her to return to him in his religious compound in North Georgia. She cannot resist his effect on her. She lives in the compound in humiliation as a consort humiliated and finds truth in multiple accusations of sexual child abuse against the evangelist. He is jailed and she returns to Atlanta to renew her life but with tragic consequences. Subplots based on a true story of medical misconduct with wrong-eye surgery and cover-up (her father) and the compassionate support given to her by her former husband and estranged sister.

The major theme of the novel stems from the axiom: lust without love dooms a romantic attachment and is supported by the contrast of the parallel stories of the two sisters in "love" relationships.



Featured Book - The Surgeon's Wife by William H. Coles

thesurgeonswife.jpgA New Orleans aristocrat and doctor, Clayton Otherson, is a national leader in the field of trauma surgery who becomes impaired with age and commits unacceptable, serious technical and judgmental errors. Mike Boudreaux, whom Otherson trained and mentored, must discipline Otherson. Otherson resents constraints and criticism and denies his impairment. Boudreaux complicates his management by falling in love with Otherson's beautiful and younger wife, Catherine. Otherson's wrath threatens violence, disgrace and humiliation as Boudreaux and Catherine shape their love struggling for respect an acceptance in the contempt of New Orleans' society.


Featured Book -   McDowell by William H. Coles

mcdowell.jpg An admired and lauded surgeon climbs to the top of his profession but his callous and questionably moral determination angers colleagues and friends who vow to destroy him and alienates family who he selfishly neglects. A personal family tragedy results in his conviction for euthanasia. He escapes prison and flees surviving in the homeless communities of cities he must continuously change to escape the relentless pursuit of the law and his victims. On his journey, he discovers people he never knew existed when he was encased in the world of the wealthy and privileged. New friends enlighten him to selfless caring about others, a discover that directs him to establishing a new identity and life with the joys of experience love and affection. But another tragedy blocks his success to safety and happiness.


Featured Book - The Amarant by Tricia Barr

theamarant.jpgBut she has to get through the first semester of school first. Throughout the semester, strange things happen: a stranger stares at her at one of her football games, then that same stranger follows her home from the mall; one day, after getting lost in the woods at Madera Canyon, she wakes up in her own bed, with no clear explanation of how she got home. Without meaning to, she becomes very close with a football player named Stephen, and he seems to be breaking down the stereotypes she has built up about men. But just when she starts to trust him, he gets drunk at his birthday party and nearly rapes her. Before she has time to dwell on her hatred for him, she learns that he was murdered that very night after she got away.

After spending a few nights together, Crimson realizes that she is completely in love with Nicholae, and she is starting to want to become a vampire, even though it will mean leaving her friends and family.

Nicholae and Crimson are chased by their attackers, and just as they are cornered, a new vampire snatches her up and abducts her. She wakes in a dungeon, and her host, Caeler offers her the chance to be his mate. If she will let him turn her, he will give her the protection of his very large coven. He makes an advance on her, and for the first time in her life, she fights back, just in time for Nicholae to come to her rescue.

In an impossible feat, Crimson stabs Delilah in the chest with an ancient branch and pushes her over a cliff, but as she falls, Delilah grabs Crimson and hugs her so that the branch stabs Crimson as well, and they both fall to their deaths.



Featured Book - Rogue Wolf (The Oldenglen Chronicles) (Volume 3) by Robin Mason

roguewolf.jpgThe forgotten forest of Oldenglen, tucked in the foothills of southern Oregon, is forgotten no longer. A rogue wolf pack and its ruthless leader have claimed it as their territory, threatening forever the balance of life in the magical glen.



Featured Book - A Burning in the Darkness by A P McGrath

aburninginthedarkness.jpgA murder at one of the world’s busiest airports opens this simmering crime story where a good man’s loyalty is tested to its limits. Michael Kieh is a full time faith representative serving the needs of some of the 80 million passengers, but circumstance and evidence point to his guilt. His struggle to prove his innocence leads him on a charged journey that pitches love against revenge.

Michael’s loneliness was eased by a series of brief encounters with a soul mate. When she confides a dark secret, he is motivated to redress a heart-breaking injustice. Together they must battle against powerful forces as they edge dangerously close to unmasking a past crime. But Michael faces defeat when he chooses to protect a young witness, leaving him a burning spirit in the darkness.

Michael’s commitment to helping those in need was forged in the brutality of the Liberian civil war. Protected by a kind guardian, he too was a young witness to an atrocity that has left a haunting legacy of stolen justice and a lingering need for revenge. More poignantly there is a first love cruelly left behind in Africa because of the impossible choices of war. When Michael and his former lover find each other once again they become formidable allies in proving his innocence and rediscovering their lost love.



Featured Book - Opry:  A Semi-Musical Tale of Honky Tonk Lifestyle by Simon Plaster

opry.jpgHonky Tonk, a Texas-size beer joint located in the Oklahoma City stockyards, has the hottest vibe in town. And it gets hotter in the days and nights leading up to the final round of a KaraOkie singing contest. Scores of wannabe country music stars take the stage to "chase that neon rainbow/ live that honky tonk dream."

* V.D. "Moon" Mullins, owner of Honky Tonk and the contest judge, is known to have favored his "pet," Jewel McAdoo, but unfortunately she recently disappeared under suspicious circumstances.

* Orville "Chad" Puckett, Jewel's former duet and hanky panky partner, is nevertheless determined to win the contest ---- and a trip to Dollywood ---- either as a solo performer or with his wife, Opal.

* Eunice "Opal" Puckett, who happens to also be Jewel's envious sister, is equally determined to do whatever it takes to win the contest and trip, but without accompaniment of a duet partner, or husband.

* Meanwhile, a City Councilperson, Gretchen Goode, employs various strategies to rid the stockyards of Honky Tonk and the disreputable lifestyle it fosters. Henrietta, relentless bulldog reporter now working for the WEEKLY Stockyards City SCENE, struggles to make sense of it all, perhaps because ---- as the poet said ---- no good opera can be sensible, for people feeling sensible do not sing.


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