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Featured Book - Where is Emma Butler's Life Plan? by Julia Wilmot

whereisemmabutlerslifeplan.jpgIn a format which is accessible, witty and thought provoking, Julia Wilmot is striving to introduce and explore spiritual matters in a fictional setting. Chick lit it maybe but the spiritual dimension that Julia offers to this genre gives it a whole new and thought provoking twist.

This debut novel is based on the concept, that is held by many interested in spiritual development, that we embark on our lives
in order to follow a path that we have devised for ourselves while we are preparing to be reborn. A path that will help us to experience and learn from the challenges of life to ultimately help us develop spiritually. In Julia's take on this theme we are also introduced to the concept of guardian angels and in fact a whole host of angels who are helping us on our way or monitoring our progress.

In this story, however, we meet Emma Butler who it seems is nearing the end of her current life and it is found that she has failed to have completed the major tasks that she set herself before being reborn. For the angels this is a serious issue and the book follows the humorous trials and tribulations that ensue from a senior Arch Angel taking over her guardianship and getting a little too involved in the process to ensure that everything is achieved before her "recall date." Emma suddenly finds her life is taking a different turn as she loses her job, survives a house blaze and finds her mind very confused about Jack, who it has been decided will be her love interest in the small amount of time she has left. God watches over the whole scenario as a humorous and all knowing being, much as you'd expect. Is free will being compromised? Has a cosmic mistake been made and how will it all end?




Featured Book - A Question of Power (The Fire Chronicles Book 2) by Susi Wright

aquesstionofpower.jpgThe Alliance between humans and Gaians, a race of supernatural warriors, is flourishing in Baram. The dwindling Gaian race now have a place to belong and a secure future. Newly elected as governor, the gaian lord, Luminor, Lord of Fire, sends out a search party, led by a promising young
warrior, Xandor. This quest to find other lost members of their race, to offer them Luminor's protection, develops in unexpected ways as the young warrior, Xandor, also searches for his betrothed and faces tests to his sense of duty while
trying to complete his mission.. Meanwhile Luminor has sensed a serious imbalance in Nature, a dark and ruthless challenge to his title, a powerful and artful enemy, that threatens All-Living and he must once again leave his home, taking up a separate quest, to deliver all those in danger from this new threat. Even more so than in his first quest, which resulted in the forging of the Alliance, he must draw on all his formidable talent to control the Four Fires, to thwart the insidious magic of his opponent and engage in an unprecedented battle to retain his birthright, save the increasing number of people who are turning to him for protection, and settle the question of power once and for all.



Book Giveaways for May

agameforallthefamilysm.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of A Game for All the Family by Sophie Hannah. Click on book cover for more information and to enter.




beforethefallsm.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of Before the Fall by Noah Hawley. Click on book cover for more information and to enter.




Book Giveaway Winners for April

Winners of Takedown

Becky Wollenslegel - OH

Lily Kwan - NV

John Maline - TX

Richard Deyarmond - CA

Joan Nilson - CA

Winner of War Hawk

William Fialko - MS

Winner of The Last Mile

Gayle Kearley - AL

Winners of The Lullaby Illusion

Debra Stein - CA
Julie Boudreau - IL

Recent Reviews

A Question of Power (The Fire Chronicles Book 2) by Susi Wright
Aunty Lee's Chilled Revenge by Ovidia Yu
Dust Up by Jon McGoran
Friction by Sandra Brown
Make Me by Lee Child
Rogue Lawyer by John Grisham
The British Lion by Teri Davis
The Girl from Home by Adam Mitzner
Where is Emma Butler's Life Plan by Julia Wilmot

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