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Book Giveaways for May

theabbey.jpgtheoutsider.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of The Abbey and The Outsider by Chris Culver. Click on book covers for more information and to enter. You only need to complete one entry form.  You will receive both books if chosen as the winner

weneednewnames.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of We Need New Names by NoViolet Bulawayo. Click on book cover for more information and to enter.



Book Giveaway Winners for April

Winner of The Hit

Waiting for Confirmation

Winner of Life After Life

Julie Link - MN

Winners of The Black Stiletto:  Stars & Stripes

Ricki Marking-Camuto - MO

Sandra Dickey - TN

Featured Book - Gospel:  A Tale of Human Mortality and a Girl  by Simon Plaster




So say worldwide headlines about reports that no deaths have occurred in a small Oklahoma town over an extended period. What's the story behind the miracle?

Some believe a recent earthquake caused by fracking released a life altering substance into the town's water supply. Others believe the End Times have begun, as prophesied by oldtime religion.

Or it could be that recent local developments are emanating strong psychic forces of mind-over-mentality. A yoga studio has introduced the power of OM in the community. A new so-called boot camp for washed-out business executives teaches Survivaliism. The local newspaper's freshly adopted policy of reporting only good news and publishing good advice for personal development may have created a self-fulfilling "gospel."

A young local reporter ---- Henryetta rides again ---- tries to make sense of all this strangeness depicted by noted author, Simon Plaster, and maybe win for herself one of those Pulitzer Prizes.

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Featured Book -

Think from the Heart, Love from the Mind by Gian Kumar

thinkfromtheheart.jpgThinking from the heart; absurd as it may seem, is an experience we all need to go through. Thinking and creating from the heart, will only make you unite and embrace; where there is no illusion, doubt, analysis, ego or judgment. It is higher than logic or reason and will enunciate the mind to transcend beyond its thought processes. Meaning, if we separate the heart away from the mind, or allow one to rule over the other, one is bound to oppose the other, leading to pain and conflict. Imagine, how constricted our mind would be, if the heart was not there to think and loosen the mind. But, mind, on the other hand is mischievous; it not only wishes to dictate the heart, but dominates tortures and rules our life. We become lonely in our minds with our I, me, mine and myself.  It dictates when to be happy or sad, or even orders the heart, how and when to express or suppress our emotions. Both cannot be left on their own, say heart on its own will only fantasize into emotions, hope and dreams. To counter, or to bring them back into their oneness or totality, we need to learn the art of bringing in the awareness of now, through intuition and impulses, beyond thoughts. It is the amalgamation between the two, which leads us back into our source, the oneness that we are born to live. This book will reveal to you, not only how to love and think, with heart-mind togetherness, but also to go beyond these two into the realm of oneness, awareness and infinity.

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Featured Book - The Impending Monetary Revolution, the Dollar and Gold by Edmund Contoski

The monetary crisis began in a small country, Greece, but it led to revelations of international financial vulnerabilities that are overturning the monetary system of the world. For years the Greek government spent beyond its means and borrowed the difference. Just like the U.S. government. The U.S. has not yet suffered dire consequences like Greece because of the dollar's status as the world's reserve currency. That means it is the only country in the world that can pay its debts by simply printing more of its own money. Those days will end. American and European banks got into trouble because of unsound underwriting practices that would not have been possible under a gold standard. And governments are on the verge of bankruptcy because there is no restraint - which a gold standard would provide - on their spending and manipulation of credit. American politicians have debauched the currency for agendas contrary to our Constitution and to buy voter support for their elections. And the Federal Reserve has provided a means of financing uneconomic political agendas and pushing the costs onto future generations. But debt and credit cannot expand forever - as America's housing/mortgage bubble demonstrated. Gold is the ultimate money because of its intrinsic characteristics and because no government has an unlimited supply to support unlimited government spending. In the absence of a sound money, alternative currencies may serve for awhile, but they cannot be a permanent substitute for gold. If the U.S. doesn't return to a gold standard, some other country will. Then not only the dollar but America will lose its primacy in the world. It will lose that as much for the neglect of its original constitutional principles as for the fate of the dollar. In fact, it was the neglect of those principles that led to the frightening expansion of government and the demise of the dollar.

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Featured Book - Una'ria The Vanguard Echoes by Daniel Cruz


In a far off world, in a distant time, human beings no longer exist - but their descendants fight on. The interstellar project known as Noah's Ark, has at last brought humanity to the far away world of Talavera. Promised with a new life, the world soon showed humanity the error of their hope and after 500 hundred years, they descended to a Cro-Magnon state. As they roamed the wondrous world that is Talavera, these lesser humans unwillingly found the cure to their mental affliction during the Celestial Rain: a massive meteor shower that brought with it a colony of mysterious microorganisms. Thus merging with the feeble state of humanity, they evolved together to create the superior species that is the rytelios. Three million years have passed. Welcome, to the age of Una'ria. Laniard Lonzol was never one to enjoy the social life. But he is soon thrust into the center of it when a catastrophe hits his homeland in the great forest of Manaf Dahola. However, it is no mere accident, for as he makes his way to the center of the devastation high in the woodland canopy, he comes face to face with the suspect and the greatest foe he will ever know: Balevdr'x, a man whose mind is of such thickness, it is visible to the naked eye. Though Balevdr'x's actions are betrayed by the whispers of his powerful mind, he nonetheless holds his own against Laniard's martial prowess, escaping into the night. And so Laniard Lonzol is beckoned to the covert unit of the Echoes where he discovers both a terrifying and enchanting world of deadly enemies and luminary celebrities he never once dreamed of ever meeting.

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The Jericho Deception by Jeffrey Small
The Outsider by Chris Culver
The Sound of Broken Glass by Deborah Crombie
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Think from the Heart, Love from the Mind by Gian Kumar
Trang-Sen:  A Novel by Sarah-Ann Smith
Through a Shot Glass Darkly by Siobhan Kelly
Una'ria The Vanguard Echoes by Daniel Cruz
Yesterday's Echo by Matt Coyle

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