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Featured Book - The Antigone Poems by Marie Slaight and Terrence Tasker (Artist)

theantigonepoems.jpgDescribed by The Washington Independent Review of Books as ‘terrifyingly brilliant,’ The Antigone Poems is a powerful retelling of the ancient Greek tale of defiance and justice. An intensely personal invocation of the Sophocles tragedy, it questions power, punishment and one of mythology’s oldest themes: rebellion.

'Rich in allegory and metaphor...a beautifully bound, impressive collection with language as evocative as its illustrations.' -Kirkus Reviews

'The book itself is an exquisite artefact – something to keep and re-read. Though the poetry isn’t pleasant, it’s powerful, evocative and uncovers a universal vein of anguish that will resonate with all readers'. - Maggie Ball, Compulsive Reader

‘Haunting… written in the 1970s and never released until now, is a disturbingly poignant and startlingly vivid portrait of one woman’s suffering in the face of pain and heartbreak. It will surely not be forgotten after the turn of the last page.’-San Francisco Book Review





Featured Book - Running by S.C. Bryce

runningmed.jpgSummer 1983: Abandoned by an alcoholic mother, sixteen-year-old Kate, her younger brother Tosh, and little sister Ellie find themselves alone and homeless on the streets of their home town. Kate has two choices to go the authorities or to run. She chooses to run.

She takes Tosh and Ellie to in the countryside. There, they find refuge in a derelict bungalow where they meet their new family: Mannis, a murderer and a thief, hapless Dock, and the troubled teenage runaway, Saul.

Shortly after their arrival, Ellie becomes sick. She dies four days before her sixth birthday. In a bid to remain strong for her brother, Kate locks away her grief, unaware of the devastating impact it has on their relationship.

Rick, an old acquaintance of Mannis comes to hide out for a while. He brings with him his plunder: stolen artifacts from a museum, and a gun. The ill-tempered Rick nicknamed by Kate as The Wolf takes over the bungalow and their lives.

In the beginning, Kate stands up to Rick, but her terror soon surfaces when she witnesses his unprovoked attack on Saul.

Alden, the woodcutter, has a cabin in the woods at the bottom of the lawn. He befriends Kate and Tosh. Through him, they learn of the bungalow's history and learn what it feels like to be in a safe and secure home.

Kate wants an end to their brutal and squalid existence. She asks herself whether she should keep on running or ask someone for help, someone like Alden. She does not get the chance to ask him.

One fateful night, Jack, a member of Rick's gang shows up. He takes Kate, Tosh and Saul hostage, threatening to kill them if Rick fails to meet his demands for money. The two men engage in a brawl that results in Saul's accidental and untimely death. Just as Kate is thinking that there is no way out for herself and Tosh, Alden takes them through a secret doorway, which delivers them into the past: the bungalow as it existed in 1889.There, they are reunited with their sister Ellie. Alden mysteriously vanishes. The children never see him again.

Meanwhile, Mannis, Rick and his gang all in prison, Detective Inspector Bradford continues his search for Paul 'Dock' Dockland and the missing children, whose bodies have not been found. He pays Ada Bright a visit, the woman who called the police when she heard gunshots coming from the bungalow. Coincidentally, she is also the great niece of Alden Wallis, whose body was found in the lawn, along with the axe that his wife used to kill him.

After the Detective Inspector leaves, Dock wanders in. He has been staying with Ada, ever since she found him sitting outside her door with the bag full of Rick's stolen money; enough money for them to start a new life.

One night, Lark steps outside to find Saul waiting for her. And in their new home, the children finally find the happiness and safety they have craved for so long, unaware that they have died.



Featured Book - Finding Flipper Frank by Patrick Garry

findingflipperfrank.jpgWalt Honerman is a man who has just about given up on life.
He is thirty-eight years old and lives alone in a small apartment above a hardware store in Billings, Montana. But because of a promise made to a dying uncle, Walt embarks on a
cross-country driving trip with two passengers: Moira Kelly, a young woman who had befriended Walt's uncle during his
recent hospital stay; and 76 year-old Izzy Dunleavy, a
loquacious nursing home resident who has never been seen without a tie and who wishes to return to his former hometown of Crawfish Bay.

During their trip, Izzy entertains Walt and Moira with an elaborate tale of the grand resort he once owned in Crawfish Bay -- a resort that, according to Izzy, had an almost mythical reputation of being a place of good luck. It is a tale that provides an immediate bond between her and Walt -- a bond that slowly deepens during the small town stops of their trip. But this humorous lead-up (provided by the cross-country drive, during which a romance begins to develop between Walt and Moira) gives way to a sudden mystery when they arrive at Crawfish Bay, where Izzy is suddenly arrested on a longstanding charge of embezzlement.

Although Walt is ready to abandon Izzy, Moira insists on staying to help him -- and when they check into the resort that Izzy claimed to have once owned, Walt and Moira quickly discover that most of Izzy's stories are highly embellished, if not an outright fiction. This discovery comes when they meet Felix, Izzy's old partner in the small diner they once ran together, and Emily, a single mother who used to work at the nursing home in Billings where Izzy lived and who came to Crawfish Bay because of Izzy's promise of a job at his fictional resort.

Brought together by Izzy, and fueled by Moira's dogged belief that she can find out what happened to the money a now-confused Izzy was supposed to have embezzled when Izzy disappeared from Crawfish Bay years ago, this mismatched group of characters decide to try to renovate the dilapidated ocean-side diner that Felix still owns.

Despite his reluctance to have anyone need or rely on him, Walt, a construction worker, becomes the pillar on which the renovation scheme depends. And despite his retreat from life, brought about by a long-ago tragedy, Walt finds himself being pulled along in the wake of wild dreamers. Yet just when everything seems to have worked out, Moira mysteriously disappears.

Titled Finding Flipper Frank, the novel has a narrative voice that employs both humor and the frequent use of flashbacks. It falls within the categories of humor, copy mystery and literary fiction.



Featured Book - Not in the Pink by Tina Martel

notinthepink.jpgWhen visual artist Tina Martel was diagnosed with Stage Two B breast cancer she decided to document everything. Throughout her treatment she created a stream of sketchbooks, photographs, paintings and video, in response to and frequently in spite of what was happening. Simultaneously she was writing to friends and family across the country. It seemed a logical combination and the resulting book Not in the Pink is the "graphic narrative" of the pain, the tears and the laughter, the day-to-day dealing with the eccentricities and bureaucracy of the medical system. It is also a candid and moving exploration of the expectations often placed on you once you are diagnosed with cancer: by the people around you, by society and ultimately by yourself.
192 pages - full colour, illustrated




Book Giveaways for April

theantigonepoemssm.jpgThree random winners will be chosen to receive a copy of The Antigone Poems by Marie Slaight (Author) and Terrence Tasker (Artist).  Click on book cover for more information and to enter.

thewitchofthewoodsm.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of The Witch of the Wood by Michael Aronovitz.  Click on book cover for more information and to enter.



memorymansm.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of Memory Man by David Baldacci. Click on book cover for more information and to enter.



thewatermuesumsm.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of The Water Museum by Luis Alberto Urrea. Click on book cover for more information and to enter.




Book Giveaway Winners for March

Winner of Child 44

Winner has been notified.

Winner of The Lost Boys Symphony

Jennifer Osterman - MI

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