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Book Giveaways for April

innocent.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of The Innocent by David Baldacci. Click on book cover for more information and to enter.

fifteen.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of Fifteen Digits by Nick Santora. Click on book cover for more information and to enter.



nile.jpgTwo random winners will be chosen to receive a copy of Sipping from the Nile by Jean Naggar. Click on book cover for more information and to enter.




Book Giveaway Winners for March

Winner of The Gilly Salt Sisters

Susan Chester - Oregon

Winner of Edge of Dark Water

Heather Johnson - Florida

Winners of The Black Stiletto and The Black Stiletto:  Black & White

Peggy Cabaniss - Idaho

Joanne Willey - North Carolina

Waiting for Confirmation from One More Winner

Winners of An Invisible Thread

Linda Kish - California

Diana Mercer - Florida

Cheryl Schurmeier - Indiana

Winner of The Way

Valerie Mabrey - Ohio

Featured Book - Dark Solus:  An Assassin's Tale by David Andrew Crawford

darksolusmed.jpgDark Solus: An Assassin's Tale is a dark fantasy, science fiction novel about one of the deadliest assassins on the planet Eorth. The evil wizard Kalifen, along with the ruthless leaders of the Assassins, Thieves and Halfling guilds murdered his parents when he was only a child.

Haunted by their merciless execution, he now waits and prepares to exact his revenge on all those responsible for their demise. Dark is transformed and trained by the Styg, the warden of the Stygian depths and his Grandfather, Mephistopheles, the ancient silver dragon.

Fifteen years later after his parents death, Dark is now ready to travel to the City of Duergar, the home of his enemies. Trained in the skills of assassination and armed with lethal devices and his knowledge of the dark arts, he has only one mission… kill them all!

Note: Dark Solus: An Assassin's Tale by David Andrew Crawford has placed second in the 2011 Written Art Awards in the category of Science Fiction/Fantasy

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Featured Book - Kidnapping Henry Kissinger by Coleman

kissinger.jpgKIDNAPPING HENRY KISSINGER is a suspense/action novel by Wisconsin author Coleman. Inspired by actual events, the book explores one man’s collision with two not-so-different periods in recent American history: the tumultuous years of the Vietnam War, and the more recent decade of the “war against terror”.

In 1968, Joe Ball protests against the Vietnam War. His escalating involvement results in his eventual imprisonment for a civil disobedience he did commit, and subsequently for a mind-boggling conspiracy which traces all the way to the White House and of which he is innocent. Jailed for almost four decades, Ball is released into an unfamiliar world, only to find himself once more enmeshed in politics in spite of his simple desire to be left alone.

The book switches back and forth from Ball’s past and present, revealing chapter-by-chapter the steps and mis-steps which imprison him in a Kafka-esque world.

Coleman is a native Texan, raised in Oklahoma and educated at Cornell University, where he was active in peace protests in the 1960s. Following a career as a teacher and entrepreneur in the meetings industry, he relocated to Mineral Point, Wisconsin in 1998, where he now works as managing director and producer of Peddler Creek, a writing school and performing arts organization. He is the author of numerous short stories and plays, including a published collection of short plays (FAUX POE). The novel was completed with the support of a Literary Artist Fellowship awarded by the Wisconsin Arts Board. Coleman is a member of Dramatist Guild of America, Playwrights Ink, and a board member of the Council of Wisconsin Writers.

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Featured Book - The Moonhawker by George A. Fox

moonhawker1.jpgIt is June of 1976 when Atticus Gunner pulls up in front of West High School, parks in a visitor parking space, and walks into the building—ready to begin his foray into school administration as the new assistant principal. He has no idea that in just a few hours, his life will change forever.

Later that day, during an unexpected meeting with his divorce attorney, Gunner—a former member of a top-secret operations unit—finds that his unique experience of identifying and hunting down escaped Nazis suspected of war atrocities is once again in high demand. After an anonymous philanthropic organization makes him a job offer he cannot refuse, he and his two young daughters very shortly find themselves on a thirty-two-foot sloop headed for an island in northern Lake Michigan. Directed to head a school of only one hundred students, it is not long before Gunner realizes he has embarked on a dangerous adventure.

In this riveting thriller filled with unexpected twists and turns, one man is inadvertently propelled on an unforgettable journey through intrigue, romance, and murder. In the process, he’ll discover more about himself than he ever imagined.

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