Newsletter for March 2018


Featured Book - The Perfect Match by T. Wayne Bloodworth

theperfectmatch.jpgDr. Zack Folsom, a gifted heart surgeon, totally immerses himself in his work to shield the grief of losing a wife and guilt of failing to raise their only son. He is unhappy with the person he has become. His small bio-engineering start-up becomes a huge success and is sold for millions, but possibly forcing him to give up his first love--performing surgery. During the sales process, he meets the first female to whom he is attracted since his wife's death. His best friend's medical emergency demands his care and ultimately reveals a shocking family secret.

All proceeds of this book are donated to The Surgery Center for F.G.M.

Featured Book - The Other Path:  Eliminating the Path Toward Reduced Volatility While Achieving Equity-Type Returns by Robert J. Klosterman CFP

theotherpath.jpgIn today’s rapidly evolving world of finance, investment plans that may have been effective years ago no longer yield the same results. An abundance of information exists in the marketplace about traditional forms of investing—stocks, bonds, mutual funds—but what about more unconventional instruments? A Google search may yield millions of results, but without proper vetting, determining the correct, most reliable course of action when managing your portfolio can be difficult.

This detailed and informative guide reveals the challenges of market fluctuations and illuminates nontraditional strategies that can help secure your financial plan. An expansive look at the alternatives teaches you to ignore all the “noise” and focus on the “signals.” Discover innovative ways to identify risks, and become familiar with the three components for optimum diversification: core investing, diversifier strategies, and absolute returns.

Each of these factors is one piece of the overall puzzle. Investing isn’t an exact science—it’s knowing how to synergize the separate components to create the optimal result. Through detailed and accessible descriptions, The Other Path takes the road less traveled by revealing distinctive methods to assess your portfolio at a deeper level, evaluate state-of-the-art investment strategies—and achieve financial security.



Featured Book - Occasional Crimes:  A Thriller by Tucker Edwards

occasionalcrimes.jpgIn the spring of ‘96, Tim Stewart had no idea what he was going to do with his life. To delay the inevitable slide into employment banality, he allows his friends, to talk him into taking a final extended surf trip south of the border.

The trip is waylaid, early in their journey, when they decide to join some friends in their family drug-smuggling business.

After an unexpected and life-threatening start, they gear up to do things right and put together a plan to make a run at serious money. Unfortunately, they learn that no matter how comfortable they feel, in this type of business, it can all be turned upside down in an instant.


Featured Book - Mayhem, Murder and Marijuana:  The Los Angeles Marijuana War by Arik Kaplan

mayhemmurderandmarijuana.jpgMedical marijuana can be a life-saver…

But being a part of the fledgling medical marijuana industry can be dangerous to one's health. In this debut novel, Arik Kaplan exposes the sordid underbelly of the high-stakes business of medical marijuana in a hard-hitting tale of greed, violence, double-dealing and murder.

Recently, Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the “Cole Memo,” an Obama-era rule that enacted how U.S. attorneys should enforce federal marijuana laws. Serendipitously, I just published a novel concerning my legal Medical Marijuana (MMJ) dispensaries and ancillary firms in Los Angeles County -- the largest MMJ market in the world. Because marijuana usage and legalization is currently such a hot topic in social and political circles, the novel, ‘Mayhem, Murder & Marijuana’; subtitled ‘The Los Angeles Marijuana War’ is both topical and a true thriller (304 pages).

Although the Mexican cartel largely abandoned the MMJ cultivation and distribution business after the legalization of MMJ dispensaries by the Los Angeles City Council, I wrote the novel to describe the avaricious miscreants that still dominate the Los Angeles MMJ market. Drawn to the immense potential profits in MMJ, these MMJ street traders make used car salespeople appear to be paragons of virtue. To this day, I’m astonished at the magnitude of violence, intimidation, police abuse, and illegal trafficking.

The story describes the actual threats the author received, the forgeries of identification to obtain lease approval, the never-ending partying, the deaths from drug overdose, and the proliferation of tweakers whose occupation is to steal to finance their noxious habit.

For the past 20 years the author has been an entrepreneur and owner of numerous successful businesses. About nine years ago, I noticed that astute investors such as Peter Thiel (PayPal founder) and the Pritzker family (Hyatt Hotels) had invested millions in Medical Marijuana related firms; thus, my contrarian investing curiosity became intrigued and I commenced acquiring MMJ firms.

I hope the book interests you, as I truly believe this is an area of our culture that requires much further consideration.



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theescapeartist.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of  The Escape Artist by Brad Meltzer. Click on book cover for more information and to enter.

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Winner of the Undertaker's Daughter

Denise Morse - CA

Winner of The Gate Keeper

Barbara Semeraro - NJ


An Aegean April by Jeffrey Siger
Idiot by Holly Smith
Mayhem, Murder and Marijuana:  The Los Angeles Marijuana War by Arik Kaplan
Nothing Stays Buried by P.T. Tracy
Occasional Crimes:  A Thriller by Tucker Edwards
Pacific Homicide by Patricia Smiley
Silent Treatment by Michael Palmer
Strange Weather by Joe Hill
Sunday Silence by Nicci French
The Body in the Casket by Katherine Hall Page
The Girl with the Kaliedoscope Eyes by David Handler
The Late Show by Michael Connelly
The Other Path:  Illuminating the Path Toward Reduced Volatility While Achieving Equity-Type Returns by Robert J. Klosterman CFP

The Perfect Match by T. Wayne Bloodworth
The Widows of Malabar Hill by Sujata Massey






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