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Book Giveaways for February

bleedformesm.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of Bleed for Me by Michael Robotham.  Click on book cover for more information and to enter. 

story.jpgOne random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of The Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon.  Click on book cover for more information and to enter. 


Book Giveaways for January

Winner of Agent 6

Mike Rogers - Columbia, MO

Winner of The Whisperer

Winner has been notified - Waiting for Confirmation

Winners of Home Front

Vickie Dailey - St. Paul, MN
One other winner has been notified - Waiting for Confirmation

Winners of Betrayal

Rebecca Stephen - Gary, IN
Charline Stanley - Central City, KY
Cathy Wilcox, Irving, TX
Two other winners have been notified - Waiting for Confirmation

Featured Book - Ayjay's Millions:  An A.J. Carlin Mystery by
Jack Wassermann

millions.jpgManhattan private eye AyJay Carlin is single, white, female, and a self-dubbed “pleej,” “crip,” or “wheelie,” depending on her mood. Based on a very real paraplegic, Ms. Carlin is twice as competent as most of us able-bodied folk. She is also irreverent, lusty, and intermittently confused about her world and how she fits into it.

In AyJay’s Millions, AyJay is hired by fiftyish Eddie Dahlgren to find out whether his niece, Tanya Styles, is being wooed by a fortune hunter. Styles has become a performing member of Pro Musica Amorosa, a group that specializes in ancient music and is currently rehearsing in a Suffolk County town. Before long, Ms. Carlin discovers that Dahlgren is not who he seems, and neither is Styles, but this only whets her appetite for the chase, not to mention her interest in Mr. Dahlgren personally. When AyJay’s longtime friend and associate Martin turns up dead under mysterious circumstances in New York, closely followed by Styles in Suffolk, AyJay is at first devastated, and then puzzled. There’s no apparent sign of foul play, yet she gradually becomes convinced that they were murdered, a notion pooh-poohed by police authorities in the two jurisdictions.

In the course of her investigation AyJay enlists the help of:

*her old buddy Sonia Paproski, a resourceful staff editor on a national gossip sheet

*Inspector Ernie Vandenberg, her skeptical rabbi on NYPD who is himself being put out to pasture

*Tony Tamereau, AKA The Ferret, a legendary and barely legal computer hacker-for-hire reachable only by phone or fax at his shack on the Gulf Coast of Texas, and

*Gene MacCauslen, an octogenarian lawyer representing Martin’s estate.

The chase leads Ms. Carlin through a series of shadow worlds that include a “dull” Federal agency, a multi-million dollar electronic embezzlement, and a series of art forgeries a half century ago in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands

Increasingly suspicion falls within the ranks of the Pro Musica group, whose members are made up partly of laypersons and partly of friars from the charterhouse of St. Florian near St. Johnsbury, Vermont. But who among them, religious or lay, is the culprit? AyJay Carlin must place her mental and physical competence on the line if she is to escape with her life and nail the culprit.

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Featured Book - Marketing Concepts That Win!  Save Time, Money and Work Crafting Concepts Right the First Time by Martha Guidry

marketingconcepts.jpgA marketing concept is the foundational building block for any successful brand, product, service or business, yet many professionals struggle to identify and develop effective concepts. Marketing Concepts that Win! is the invaluable guide to marketers, market researchers and research & development professionals who develop positioning concepts for their brands and businesses. The approach and tips in the book have been successfully used numerous companies both large and small to develop successful marketing concepts throughout the world. The author begins with foundational knowledge about the purpose of a concept and what you must do to lay the groundwork for putting together an effective one. Employing numerous examples and tips, she carefully walks you through the various stages of crafting a powerful concept. In addition, watch outs are selectively outlined to ensure that your efforts don’t fall into the typical pitfalls. The author gives you an overview of how to use qualitative and quantitative research to enhance your outcome. She also highlights your next steps, once you’ve qualified your concept. It's a "must-read" for anyone with a product, service, or business to market.

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Recent Interview:

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Interview with Martha Guidry, author of Marketing Concepts That Win:  Save Time, Money and Work Crafting Concepts Right the First Time


Reviewers Wanted:

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If you would like to be a reviewer for and/or Mysteries, please complete the application by clicking on the link below and be sure to read the guidelines on the application page.  We are looking for reviewers who are serious about reviewing books.

Reviewer Application

Recent Reviews

$10,000 In Small, Unmarked Puzzles by Parnel Hall

A Perilous Conception by Larry Karp

A Vine in the Blood by Leighton Gage

Already Gone by John Rector

Betrayal by Robert Fitzpatrick with Jon Land

Black Thunder by Aimee and David Thurlo

Close-Up by Kit Sloan

Collision of Lies by John J. LeBeau

Dark Mind by Jennifer Chase

Deep Sky by Patrick Lee

Dobbin and the Stardust Trail by Diana Medler

Elizabeth and Hazel by David Margolick

Gun Games by Faye Kellerman

Gun Games by Faye Kellerman (Review #2)

His Mistress by Christmas by Victoria Alexander

How to Party with a Killer Vampire by Penny Warner

Hurt Machine by Reed Farrel Coleman

In Her Sights by Robin Perini

Lonestar Angel by Colleen Coble

Marketing Concepts That Win:  Save Time, Money and Work Crafting Concepts Right the First Time by Martha Guidry

Midnight Alley by Miles Corwin

Need You Now by James Grippando

No Cure for Murder by Lawrence W. Gold

So Pretty It Hurts by Kate White

Sticks and Stones by K.J. Larsen

The Chalk Girl by Carol O'Connell

The Color of Truth by A.D. Jones

The Confession by Charles Todd

The Deception of Lyme by Carrie Bebris

The Devil's Elixir by Raymond Khoury

The Final Storm by James Shaara (Review #2)

The Right to Belong by Patrick A. Davy

They Always Win by Anthony Pesare

Three Weeks to Say Goodbye by C.J. Box

Trader of Secrets by Steve Martini (Review #2)

Troubled Bones by Jeri Westerson

Unrepentant Siren by Karen M. Bence

Where Am I Going? by Michelle Cromer

Wild Thing by Josh Bazell

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