Newsletter - June 2009


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Book Giveaways for June

One winner will receive a copy of April and Oliver by Tess Callahan.  Click on book cover to see details.

One winner will receive a copy of Swimsuit by James Patterson.  Click on book cover to see details.

One winner will receive a signed copy of Evil Ways by Bobby Nash.  Click on book cover to see details.

Book Giveaway Winners for May

The Nine Lessons:

Sandy Okstad - Ely, MN


Constance Norwood - Manchaca, TX


Sylvia Bortman - Joshua, TX
Selinda McCumbers - Cuyahoga Falls, OH
LuAnn Morgan - Othello, WA
Mike Watson - Chandler, AZ

Waiting for confirmation from one more winner.

Other Giveaways:

If you have not entered the Latino, Asain, and Mother's Day Giveaway, please go to the main page of the website.  Contests are listed in the right hand column.  Deadline for these three is midnight May 28, 2009. 

Featured This Week - The Woman in the Wing by Jean Sheldon

Jean Sheldon and Bast Press announce the release of the unabridged audio book version of ‘The Woman in the Wing’, Jean’s historical mystery about women pilots and factory workers in WWII.

The scheduled release date for this exciting, informative, and entertaining look at women in WWII is May 5, but Bast Press is offering a pre-release sale for orders placed prior to that date. Find more information at or

It’s been suggested that if you listen to this recording while driving, expect to pull over so as not to miss any of Judith ‘Sparky’ Roberts’ superb performance. She captures the distinct personalities of the many characters, good guys, and bad, adding another level to the already exciting plot. Learn more about Judith at Jean’s Website.


Featured This Week - Voice of Conscience by Behcet Baya

Like most of the other boys in his village, Ramzi Ozcomert Junior is a happy boy until the death of his parents and sister. Witnessing the bloody aftermath of the murders changes the direction of his life forever. Even though he has been taught at an early age to take care of himself, to control his emotions, always be on guard and never to turn his back to his enemies, he doesn't fully understand the meaning of survival until he is completely on his own. Yet, an unseen bravery and determination exist within him. Inherited from his parents, it defends him from head to toe against the fatal invasion of loneliness, need and degradation. With this inheritance, also, come the sins of the father, which he shoulders without protesting.



Featured This Week - No Mad by Sam Moffie

Racing home to share news of a long awaited book deal, Aaron Abrams unexpectedly finds his wife and beloved brother TOGETHER. Tossing a few mentionables into the car, along with his golden retriever, Churchill, his now only trustworthy lifelong companion, Aaron embarks on an odyssey like no other. With his own music as a backdrop, while guzzling his favorite Newman’s Own Virgin Lemonade, Aaron begins in Youngstown, Ohio, travels interstate 80 in Pennsylvania, and continues into Gettysburg, Pa., Boston Ma., Roswell, NM., to name a few, ultimately ending his road trip in scenic Niagara Falls. Along the way, he continues to embrace each moment, every situation, all relationships and brief encounters. Never losing his zest for life, Aaron stays positive, upbeat and open for adventures, not letting his ex-wife-to-be interfere with his new found freedom, while at the same time rediscovering and recreating bonds that will never be broken. The game of Jinx has never gotten so much attention; what that means the reader is soon to discover.


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