Emmy Budd and The Hijacked Train

by Sanjay Sanghoee

Author Reveals a New Kind of Corporate Criminal


"Glamour, gore and more…The plot, like a speedway with hairpin
curves, centers around an icily amoral CEO whose scheme for the
takeover of a satellite company brings into play the heavy hitters
and bit players that feed on M&A dealings."- Barrons


“Timely, gripping and original!.” – Chicago Tribune


Merger, Sanjay Sanghoee’s fast-paced corporate thriller, has just been released on Kindle and reissued in paperback. Tightly plotted and executed with precision, the book reveals the realities of multi-billion dollar deal-making and ruthless plays for money and power that have defined the corporate world since the 1980s. Coming on the heels of the worst financial crisis in American history, Merger is a wake-up call for readers everywhere. Critics like Susan Shwartz, author of Hostile Takeover, are raving about the book. Walter Wager, author of Die Hard 2, calls it “Wall Street meets The Firm."


Vikram Suri, a powerful Indian industrialist, is a new breed of global corporate criminal: smarter, richer and infinitely more dangerous than anyone we have ever seen. Behind the facade of oak-paneled boardrooms, fancy personal jets and lavish mansions, Suri is masterminding a grand scheme of market manipulation, smuggling, money laundering, and extortion through an international network of banks, brokerage houses and dummy corporations. He is a megalomaniac who will stop at nothing to grow his corporate empire, even murder...


Merger races to its climax and the clock winds down to Suri's deadly triumph, no one suspects his hidden agenda...except for Tom Carter, an investment banker working on the deal. Torn between his job and his conscience, and locked in the crosshairs of the SEC, Carter enlists the help of Amanda Fleming, a beautiful and intrepid New York Times reporter eager to "break" a big story. Together they must not only outsmart the brilliant Vikram Suri and stay alive, but prevent a shocking betrayal of the US financial system.


Merger is an exciting novel that keeps the reader engrossed with every twist and turn. Expect even more thrills in Sanghoee’s upcoming novel, Portait of Malice, which combines history and current events to examine the emotional, political and financial realities of war reparations, justice and terrorism. Sanghoee speaks more about financial greed and corporate crime on his blog at www.sanghoee.com as well as on his weekly radio address, which is broadcast in both English and Spanish on five stations.


Merger is available online at Amazon. Please visit the author’s website www.sanghoee.com for more information.


About the author:

Sanjay Sanghoee is an active blogger and author. His new novel, Portrait of Malice, will be available soon on Amazon. In the past, he has written spec episodes for "Law & Order: SVU" and "Without a Trace". Sanjay's blogs encompass a variety of political, financial and social topics and are available on the web as well as carried weekly by several radio stations. Previously, he was a news anchor and producer for the World's Address, a weekly news show on WKCR 89.9 FM in New York City.


Sanjay has more than 15 years of experience in investment banking and hedge funds. He has worked in the Mergers & Acquisitions groups at leading investment banks Lazard Freres and Wasserstein as well as on the Debt/Equity investment side at Ramius, a multi-billion dollar hedge fund. His deal experience ranges from venture capital situations to Fortune 50 companies and across the spectrum of industries and deal types.


Sanjay has an MBA from Columbia Business School and received an Award for Ethics in Business from Henry Kravis of KKR. He lives in New York City.


About the book:


ISBN: 0-765-31112-7

Publisher: Tor/Forge Books

Date of publish: Kindle 2010, Reissue of Paperback 2010

Paperback: 384 pages

S.R.P.: $19.99

Kindle Edition: $9.99




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Email: sanjay9000@yahoo.com

URL: http://www.sanghoee.com/