K. Lippi

For Emilia Miani, a fifteen year old girl from San Diego, CA, the supernatural world and its creatures only existed in books and movies. But when she went to visit her father in Japan and met Shin Kurosaki, a Japanese demon assigned by one of her ancestors 500 years ago to be her guardian angel and protect her from her destiny, supernatural events begin happening to Emilia and they continue escalating. During her journey, Emilia discovered her family secrets. Her grandfather was a death angel hired by God and she is his heir and forced to step into his shoes by God and Lucifer to stop Markus, an ex-death angel set on destroying them to become a new god. She also discovers that she has a special blood - a divine blood - running through her veins. A blood that kills anything it comes into contact with, including her. Awakening is a seductive entertaining love tale between a guardian demon and its human.