An Honorable German

Jo Ann Bender

The story is in two parts: the first in France, the second in Germany at a Lebensborn, a home for high-class women bearing children for the Fuhrer. It is a secret program and all records have been destroyed except those which were in homes in Norway.

It begins in France. An elite SS group, commanded by the charming but cruel Major Hurst, take over a small village. Antoinette Gauthier, her family, friends and members of the Resistance, even their pets, now find life difficult.

For Antoinette, this means becoming a servant for Major Hurst and his men in her home and living in the attic. She allows him to seduce her to learn secrets for the Resistance.

Discarded; then finding herself pregnant, Major Hurst sends her to Bavaria to a Lebensborn home. The women and staff believe she is a spy and treat her poorly. Antoinette’s pastry made for a baby-naming ceremony is enjoyed by Heinrich Himmler who sends her next door to his SS party house to be their new cook.

The Major’s finance from Berlin arrives at the party house. Tension builds when Antoinette is invited to join one of their wild weekend parties.

It all fits into her plan to rescue and escape with a downed English pilot. Captured by the Gestapo, she never gives up, but makes plans to get away. The ending is one of reconciliation. It takes place with most of the major characters many years after WWII.