Emmy Budd and The Hijacked Train

Emmy Budd
The Real Dog is Harry

Jean Blasiar

A human hand is unearthed on the property of Hank Turner, a local farmer, in Jerseyville, Ohio where Emmy Budd and her adventurous friend, T.J. Blake, live.

Hank Turner, a good friend of Emmy and T.J.'s, is under suspicion for murder and mutilation of a hired man whom he threatened and fired several weeks earlier.

A developer and newcomer to town has purchased the Turner farm and plans to turn it into a roadside tavern. Emmy and T.J. keep their ear to the ground and their nose to the grindstone as they pretend to be helping out but actually picking up information about the proposed tavern. In her usual perceptive way, Emmy figures out how certain animal bones suddenly appeared in the excavation of the Turner farm after a torrential rain. Because of under handed activities, Emmy is nearly exposed for tampering with the United States Postal Service, a fact that if made public would cause great embarrassment to her and her family.

A scruffy stray dog, whom T.J. names Harry, tags along with the kids on their many trips to the gravesite. The dog appears at strange times and in strange places and is finally discovered to be the abused pet of the hated developer of the proposed tavern.

In the end, Harry returns to the boy who wants to be his real owner, T.J. Blake.