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Versus: A Tale of Zero-Sum Contestation
by Simon Plaster

In her new career as a private detective, Henrietta gets caught up in multiple interwoven contentious plots, to-wit: Opposition research against candidates in a gubernatorial election. Exploitation of a spiteful and bitterly contested lawsuit for divorce. And obsessive personal rivalry of lifelong friends to always be one-up on the other.

Andrew Hatfield and Randolph McCoy -- both now in their sixties --are lifelong friends, and rivals, who have played countless games versus one another through the years. Both are politically active; one a Republican, the other a Democrat. Both are lawyers. Both are leading members of inta-club golf groups known as "Skunks" and "Possums" pitted against one another in an annual tournament.

Competition between Andrew and Randolph has always been relatively civil, and friendly in a trash-talking sort of way. But as this year's golf match approaches, friction develops. Suspicion sets in. Paranoia ensues. Obsession by both men to win the zero-sum contest undermines goodwill between them and threatens to forever destroy their friendship.

Mirroring the mindless argumentative zeitgeist of American society . . . A Tale of Zero-Sum Contestation.