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The Day of the Ferret

The Day of the Ferret
by Michael Woodman

To entrap an old flame who's trying to kill him, an embattled US President sets up a fake assassination targeting himself, but his genius plan goes hilariously wrong when...

Assassination is not Gatlin Fry's normal line of work. But as a washed-up MI6 bagman living in a trailer park, he's not choosy. Besides, actually killing the President is not part of the plan. According to his handler, the self-proclaimed "Witch of Langley," it's only a black-op sting. All Gatlin has to do is pick up the down payment from the client's bodyguard, Mr. Z, a one-time oil wrestler. Gatlin is smart enough to know he's the fall guy and dumb enough to think he can outwit the Witch and take off with the loot. But like Mr. Z, she has her own agenda, and as Gatlin negotiates their obstacle course, wildly unpredictable events pump up the stakes.

Meanwhile, in Washington, Benny Capone, the President's attorney, inadvertently leaks a secret, sending shock waves across the Atlantic. In the uproarious mayhem that ensues, the President's "fake" assassination gets very real. Will he survive his D-Day trip to Normandy? Will Gatlin end up rich, or in Guantanamo Bay? Sweet justice awaits someone, but who? All is revealed in this irreverent, entertaining, and wickedly funny satirical thriller.

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