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Hidden Intentions

Hidden Intentions by Alan Brenham

CAILEY MARSHALL, an adventurous 13-year-old, visits an abandoned house on a dare to find an item in a scavenger hunt. Unknown to her, she is being stalked. She is found hiding under a bed and taken to an uninhabited farmhouse where she is held captive by ANNE MURPHY, a power-hungry megalomaniac, CLINT CONNARD, a sadist who hates kids, and third woman named JULIA, a protege of Anne's.

Anne tells Cailey's father, BARRY MARSHALL, the only way he can get his daughter back is if he murders his brother, STUART, within seven days. If he fails, his daughter dies. Suspecting that Barry may be reluctant to murder his brother, Anne ups the stakes by dressing a mannequin to resemble Cailey and dumping it in a ditch by the side of a country road. She then notifies Erin of the death of her daughter. A hysterical Erin finds
the mannequin and decides to not wait on Barry to act. She decides to kill Stuart herself.

Faced with a Hobson's choice, Barry elects to fake the death of his brother. Meanwhile Erin finalizes her own plan. Being a pharmacist, she obtains a quantity of a substance used in prison executions. She almost fulfills her plan but her conscience tears her away.

Overtaken with greed, Anne breaks from the script and enters into an agreement with a sex trafficker named DARWIN. Clint, having reunited with his estranged daughter and despising sex traffickers, switches his allegiance from Anne to helping Cailey escape.
The escape fails, resulting in Clint being shot and killed by Anne. With Cailey in tow, they transport her to a town near Houston for a slavery auction but she escapes.

Cailey, joining up with a local teenage gang, persuades them to help her find a way home. They comply but only after she helps them in a quid pro quo stunt against a rival biker gang. Once done with that, she enlists the help of a female trucker who delivers her to another town where she's forced to fend for herself.

With time running out, Erin discovers documentation from the US Attorney and the IRS stating Stuart faces criminal indictment for fraud. Additional papers with compelling evidence paint a clearer picture of Stuart's complicity in the kidnapping.

After she presents her findings to Barry, he notifies the FBI who arrest Stuart. Erin pleads with Stuart to help the FBI find and recover Cailey before she's lost forever. Cailey, meanwhile, resorts to scavenging parking lots for loose change and begging people at a truckstop for money to use to buy food and to call home. One man sympathizes and gives her his cell phone. She contacts her parents who notify the FBI. Agents set up a sting which ends with the arrest of Anne and Julia. One year later, Cailey testifies in a jury trial about her ordeal, resulting in life in prison sentences for the two women.