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Greezers:  A

GREEZERS: A Tale of Establishment's Decline and Fall
by Simon Plaster

Longtime matriarch of the Trinita Coal Oil & Tar Company, Nanette DeGrasso is ninety-five. If the Company is to survive, who is to be -- or not to be -- her successor? ... As wrote by the Bard: All hail Macbeth, that shall be king hereafter ...Charles DeGrasso, the matriarch's son and heir apparent, is an Executive Vice-President of the Company. For fifty years he has served by standing and waiting to take command, much to the chagrin of both himself and his wife, Candice, but ... Also in words of the Bard: Thou shalt get kings, though though be none/ So all hail Banquo! ... Joe DeGrasso, the matriarch's nephew and also an Executive Vice-President, seeks to climb over Charles to the top of the Company's greased pole; if not for himself, to establish ultimate succession of his outcast son, Hunter, but . . . In other words of the Bard: Knock, knock! Who's the... Enter: Leroy "Lero" O'Rourke, a youngish ne'er do well lawyer, who comes to see involvement in the Trinita Company succession rivalry as a springboard -- or perhaps skateboard -- to the White House, for which he feels born to run -- or perhaps skate. enrietta follows the tale on her new career path to becoming a private detective.