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Capitol White

Capitol White

BY Joe Pistone and Jon Land

The hero of the hit movie and New York Times best seller returns to take on the scourge of the opioid crisis.

After the crowning achievement of his career - an undercover operation that took down the New York Mob - Donnie Brasco thought he had left the FBI for good. But when two agents corner him at the funeral of his mentor, Paul Weinman, Donnie finds himself inexorably drawn back into the game.

Weinman had been running a case so secret and fraught with danger that all Donnie can uncover are a few cryptic clues - just enough to send him down a trail that imperils him as well as his family. With each bit of information he uncovers, Donnie moves closer to the criminal masterminds who not only kill with guns, but with pills.

And one thing becomes increasingly clear - Paul Weinman's death may not be what it seemed.

Now, the only way Donnie can get to the truth and once again bring down the bad guys, is to do what he does best: go undercover to infiltrate the world he plans to destroy.