Ajay's Millions

Dark Solus: An Assassin's Tale
by David Andrew Crawford

Dark Solus: An Assassin's Tale is a dark fantasy, science fiction novel about one of the deadliest assassins on the planet Eorth. The evil wizard Kalifen, along with the ruthless leaders of the Assassins, Thieves and Halfling guilds murdered his parents when he was only a child.

Haunted by their merciless execution, he now waits and prepares to exact his revenge on all those responsible for their demise. Dark is transformed and trained by the Styg, the warden of the Stygian depths and his Grandfather, Mephistopheles, the ancient silver dragon.

Fifteen years later after his parents death, Dark is now ready to travel to the City of Duergar, the home of his enemies. Trained in the skills of assassination and armed with lethal devices and his knowledge of the dark arts, he has only one mission….. to kill them all!

Note: Dark Solus: An Assassin's Tale by David Andrew Crawford has placed second in the 2011 Written Art Awards in the category of Science Fiction/Fantasy