2023 Book Awards

2023 Book Awards – Bestsellersworld.com

Several authors have asked about a Book Award program at Bestsellersworld.com.

We now have one available.  Nominations open on February 1, 2023.


All books with a 2023 or 2022 copyright date, written in English, are eligible to win. If your book has a copyright date prior to 2022, you can enter it in the “Timeless” category. In order to be eligible for the book award, your book must be reviewed on Bestsellersworld.com.

Please submit a form to request a review. The judging panel is comprised of BestSellers World reviewers, some of whom are authors. All are active in the literary community. A few areas of criteria to be judged will include:

  • Plot
  • Ability to Engage the Reader
  • Title of Book
  • Book Cover Design
  • Grammar
  • Content
  • Originality
  • Conclusion

We will use a point system to determine three finalists. A judging panel will determine the first, second and third place winners.

Due to postage increases, we are encouraging only PDF copies of your book. Be sure the PDF includes the book cover. You will be notified when to forward the PDF.

Awards and Benefits

Winners will be announced on February 1, 2024.

There will be three winners in each category: one first place winner, one second place winner and one third place winner.

Winners will be given a free author page on Bestsellersworld.com.

Each winner will receive 20 award seals for their book. Winners will be listed in our blog.

Winners will be listed on our Facebook page.

Winners will be listed via a tweet.

Winners will be listed on Bestsellersworld Award page on Goodreads.

We will add the award logo to your book review page on Bestsellersworld.com.

We hope everyone will nominate their book/s to help make this new program a success.   Next year, we can add more categories.  Here is the link to nominate your book on February 1st:

2023 BestSellersWorld Awards – BestSellersWorld

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